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MFest VIII 2014: Caravan & Festival Gallery

Largest BMW caravan in North America heads to Vegas Motor Speedway

Jul 9, 2014

MFest VIII Details:

  • 8th MFest event in Las Vegas, NV
  • Biggest BMW-focused caravan in North America | All makes welcome
  • Friday night drag racing | Saturday road course and car show at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  • Host hotel at Palazzo Resort & Casino | After party at Tao Nightclub

Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 38 Photo 2/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 38

The sun is hours from rising up on the horizon, yet there is a parking lot full of dudes. Some with their girlfriends, some in groups with other dudes, some alone… But what they all share in common is that they all drive some form of BMW. It must be MFest!

Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 15 Photo 3/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 15

Mfest VII Las Vegas - Walk This Way

This year was the first time I experienced MFest. I quickly learned that MFest isn’t just any ordinary BMW focused car show; it’s a weekend experience. Normally you’d find me at a show dominated by JDM car builds so MFest VIII was a whole different world.

Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 06 Photo 4/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 06

For most participants it starts in Los Angeles at a designated meeting point. MFest founder, Chris Naguit, will give his spiel about driving safe and staying in a single file line, which is like asking candy-high preschoolers to keep their mouths shut. But I don’t blame the MFest guys… Sometimes you just want to smash the gas pedal and show off your toys. From Los Angeles the fleet of cars headed to Barstow where the BMW caravan almost doubles. After a much-needed coffee refuel the MFEst VIII group took off towards its last stop at Golden Strike just past thed California-Nevada border where all the caravans collided. It was there when Chris came up to me and asked if I was prone to motion sickness.

Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 39 Photo 37/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 39

Soon, I found myself in the backseat of a helicopter photographing the entire BMW caravan. Many of the people who attended last year’s MFest could all agree that this year had a smaller amount of cars, but from my point of view in the air it was hard to believe. Even as high as I was (You were high? You’re fired! – Ed), the lineup of cars stretched as far as my eyes could see.

Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 33 Photo 6/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 33

When we finally arrived to Vegas, we checked into the Palazzo Resort & Casino and proceeded to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for an evening of good old-fashioned drag racing. Friendly BMW rivals went at it pass after pass. After the drag strip closed those with any energy left headed to the Marquee nightclub at the Cosmopolitan. I however opted for my soft bed. By this time I figured out the reoccurring theme of MFest: race, party, repeat (You obviously can’t hang! – Ed).

Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 28 Photo 7/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 28

The next day was the car show and tuner shootout. This year, Cadillac brought out its race-prepped CTS-V coupe, which was handing over eargasms to everyone there. Additionally, they invited people to try out their racing simulator where I nailed every apex… Just kidding - I spun out on the third corner, crashed and destroyed the suspension. Felix Lee debuted his supercharged BMW M3 freshly equipped with that Liberty Walk kit but I found myself always walking back to Slek Design’s menacing carbon-fiber Z4.

Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 09 Photo 8/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 09

As the evening drew near MFest VIII awards were given and a parade lap was performed. Chris Naguit admitted that the goal for this MFest was not quantity but quality of cars and enthusiasts. We couldn’t agree more. Plus, the thing that most peeps don’t know is that MFest isn’t just for BMW or even Euro woners. It stands for Motorsports Festival and encourages all makes and models to participate. So next year bring your Toyota Supra, bring your Hyundai Genesis, do not bring your Geo Metro.

Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 12 Photo 9/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 12
Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 16 Photo 16/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 16
Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 08 Photo 23/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 08
Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 25 Photo 30/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 25
Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 39 Photo 37/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 39
Mfest vIII 2014 vegas 04 Photo 38/46   |   Mfest Viii 2014 Vegas 04
Mfest VIII 2014 mercedes benz Photo 42/46   |   MFest VIII 2014: Caravan & Festival Gallery
Mfest VIII 2014 models Photo 46/46   |   MFest VIII 2014: Caravan & Festival Gallery
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