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2014 Tuner Evolution (w/gallery)

Show grows in 8th year as East Coast's best roll to Philly to represent

Jonathan Hwang
Aug 15, 2014

This year, at the Philadelphia Expo Center, located in the nearby town of Phoenixville, Tuner Evolution held its eighth annual show and we were more than happy to see what the East Coast had to bring to the table this summer. To our surprise, the quality and popularity of the show had grown even more than it did last year when it originally caught our attention. Especially over the last few years, we've been noticing that car enthusiasts along the east coast and across the nation have been making an effort to raise the bar in terms of their creativity and build quality whether it's regarding their preexisting, 'unfinished' projects or newly acquired cars.

WRX widebody front three quarter Photo 2/159   |   WRX Widebody Front Three Quarter

Competitors and vendors brought out all types of cars making this event truly exciting to attend, and obviously it was great to catch up with old friends and meeting new ones. We quickly came to realize that more and more people are living a bit more on the edge these days, from cars driving with almost zero wheel clearance, or peculiar wheel designs, to installing expensive fiberglass or carbon fiber JDM wide bodies or running 600-plus horsepower on daily street cars, to even investing countless days and large amounts of money into builds that most people wouldn't see worth it; but hey, if we built all of our cars the same way then these shows and meets wouldn't be what they are today, and we're not complaining.

Advan RG II Photo 6/159   |   Advan RG II

Team Emotion came out on top winning Best Team with Alex Witkin's red WRX (also winning Best of Show), a newly added Liberty Walk M3, and a beautifully modified white Mitsubishi EVO with red Advans, Project Mu brakes, and a very carefully built engine bay coordinated in gold, red, and silver polish, among other team member builds. Other mentionables included a few Varis-wide body Subaru, a matte olive Subaru SVX on copper-tone wheels, Liberty VIP's pearl blue wide body E46 M3, an RB-swapped S14 Zenki drift car with anime-styled graphics, Elite Lower Class' track-ready blue S2000 and RHD gray EK hatch, and of course every legit RHD Skyline and S15 Silvia.

WRX widebody Photo 10/159   |   WRX Widebody

We'd like to thank Jay Martinez and the rest of the Tuner Evolution staff and crew for continuing to organize this event and rumor has it, there'll be some west coast builds coming to Pennsylvania for next year's Tuner Evolution. Check out around early spring (2015) for more info regarding the next year's show!

TSX Photo 14/159   |   TSX
S14 front Photo 30/159   |   S14 Front
350Z Photo 40/159   |   350Z
NSX front three quarter Photo 56/159   |   NSX Front Three Quarter
Volk racing ZE40 Photo 57/159   |   Volk Racing ZE40
Datsun roadster fairlady Photo 73/159   |   Datsun Roadster Fairlady
S14 Photo 89/159   |   S14
VIP RL Photo 105/159   |   VIP RL
GT R r35 Photo 106/159   |   GT R R35
Ruckus row Photo 134/159   |   Ruckus Row
RB26 purple Photo 159/159   |   RB26 Purple
By Jonathan Hwang
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