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Dopery Convention 2014 - Photo Gallery

Possibly the dopest car show in Minneapolis

Aug 20, 2014

Dopery Convention Details:

  • First Dopey car show | Dopery is a lifestyle brand
  • Held in Minneapolis ice skate rink and parking lot
  • Super Street models Jeri Lee, Ashley Vee, Jenn Q, and Janis True attend
  • 200+ rides on display

Dopery 2014 18 Photo 2/54   |   Dopery 2014 18

Minneapolis is probably one of the most difficult cities to visit in the United States unless you have to go there for business or you're invited to a Vikings game. For car enthusiasts, you're sort of shit out of luck. There's maybe one show a year and a handful of small parking lot gatherings. But that doesn't mean there aren't car people there. Far from it! At SpoCom NorCal earlier this year, I had a chance to meet some of the guys from the Minnesota-based lifestyle brand Dopery and they were incredibly enthusiastic about the car scene and the culture around it. Last year, they hosted their first car meet, which ended up becoming a huge success - such a huge success it was shut down early because of the whopping number of cars that showed up. With the continuous marketing of their brand and clothing line, they decided to throw another event this summer called the Dopery Convention - a blend of what their brand is all about from the clothes, music, lifestyle and of course, cars. And since I've never been to Land of 10,000 Lakes before in my life, why the hell not? j

Dopery 2014 41 Photo 6/54   |   Dopery 2014 41
Dopery 2014 51 Photo 13/54   |   Dopery 2014 51

After a 3.5-hour flight from Los Angeles, I landed in Minneapolis and was greeted by the Dopery crew plus several of my fellow West Coast friends including Jeri Lee, Ashley Vee, Jenn Q and Janis True (all Super Street cover girls, I might add!). The main event took place Saturday afternoon just outside downtown Minneapolis at an indoor ice skate rink - don't worry there wasn't actually ice inside. The rink could only house a handful of cars so a selection of the best were squeezed into the arena. The rest of the display cars populated the outside lot. Nearly 200 rides came out to show support for the Dopery gang. Having attended shows all around the world, this event doesn't quite compare in terms of quality, but I have to respect the tight-knit community there. Most of these enthusiasts can't drive their cars more than six months out of the year due to weather making it harder to go as hardcore with their builds. But with that said, it was refreshing to see an entire venue of new cars with people who are just as car crazy as I am back here on the West Coast. Props to the guys at Dopery for bringing the community together and putting on a dope event. And to my new friends in Minnesota, keep up the great work and keep the passion alive! Connect:

Dopery 2014 03 Photo 14/54   |   Dopery 2014 03
Dopery 2014 38 Photo 24/54   |   Dopery 2014 38
Dopery 2014 32 Photo 25/54   |   Dopery 2014 32
Dopery 2014 25 Photo 35/54   |   Dopery 2014 25
Dopery 2014 19 Photo 36/54   |   Dopery 2014 19
Dopery 2014 39 Photo 43/54   |   Dopery 2014 39
Dopery 2014 50 Photo 44/54   |   Dopery 2014 50
Dopery 2014 10 Photo 51/54   |   Dopery 2014 10
Dopery 2014 23 Photo 52/54   |   Dopery 2014 23
Dopery 2014 54 Photo 53/54   |   Dopery 2014 54
Dopery 2014 53 Photo 54/54   |   Dopery 2014 53
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