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Wekfest East 2014 - Photo Gallery

East Coast Elites Converge in NJ

Aug 29, 2014
Photographer: Faiz Rahman

Wekfest East Details:

  • Held at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center in Edison, NJ
  • Imports, Domestics, and European cars gather
  • RE Amemiya Mazda RX-7 and J's Racing Honda S2000 on display

Wekfest east web 40 Photo 2/63   |   Wekfest East Web 40

It's not surprising that Wekfest East had nothing, but jaw-dropping cars. Everyone that knows a thing or two about car shows is that Wekfest is the car show to go to every year. Like many shows, Wekfest was once just a car meet, but blew up into the international tour it is today. Their latest stop was in Edison, NJ at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center. Although it rained on a few cars, it didn't stop these enthusiasts from making their cars spot free and ready to break necks.

Wekfest East 2013

Wekfest east web 05 Photo 9/63   |   Wekfest East Web 05
Wekfest east web 03 Photo 10/63   |   Wekfest East Web 03

Not anyone can just join Wekfest, you'll have to submit an application and be approved to be one of the "East Coast Elites." Contrary to popular belief, Wekfest is not only a show for Imports, but also for Domestic and European cars. A few of our car highlights include the yellow Mazda RX-7 rocking the RE Amemiya body kit and the Black Honda S2000 equipped with the J's Racing GT widebody kit. Wekfest isn't complete without an impeccable Honda build. Of course the engine bays are done to the perfect and clean as f*ck!

Wekfest east web 07 Photo 11/63   |   Wekfest East Web 07
Wekfest east web 51 Photo 12/63   |   Wekfest East Web 51

One of the best things about shows outside California, is you'll often see more Nissan Skylines such as this R33 or this R31.

There are many shows out there, but as of right now Wekfest is the undisputed king.

Wekfest east web 14 Photo 16/63   |   Wekfest East Web 14
Wekfest east web 06 Photo 23/63   |   Wekfest East Web 06
Wekfest east web 29 Photo 24/63   |   Wekfest East Web 29
Wekfest east web 01 Photo 34/63   |   Wekfest East Web 01
Wekfest east web 35 Photo 35/63   |   Wekfest East Web 35
Wekfest east web 10 Photo 42/63   |   Wekfest East Web 10
Wekfest east web 13 Photo 43/63   |   Wekfest East Web 13
Wekfest east web 63 Photo 50/63   |   Wekfest East Web 63
Wekfest east web 17 Photo 51/63   |   Wekfest East Web 17
Wekfest east web 20 Photo 58/63   |   Wekfest East Web 20
Wekfest east web 15 Photo 59/63   |   Wekfest East Web 15
Wekfest east web 08 Photo 63/63   |   Wekfest East Web 08
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