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5 Best Rides at SpoCom

Scene: SpoCom; Anaheim Convention Center—Anaheim, CA

Nov 21, 2014

Throwing a car event in mid-summer can be a little tricky, more so when it's in Southern California. Many tuners and builders have already debuted their cars earlier in the show season, and for attendees, going to shows becomes more and more mundane. The quality of cars, the girls in the model lounge and foot traffic are all key elements that determine a successful event. A show series that has pulled this off for the last eight years is none other than SpoCom.

Jenni trann 13 Photo 2/14   |  
Meet Jenni Trann. She's new to the scene and has already landed a spotlight with us. We're sure you'll love her! Peep them selfies at @jennitrann.

From the moment the doors opened until the time security kicked spectators out, the show almost looked like a packed nightclub, of course with the lights on. It's easy to fill a car show in SoCal with hundreds of cars, but for SpoCom, we looked hard for the best and newest builds. Even with the show being in July, we did manage to find a few rides that you may or may not have seen before. We were even in search of the latest hotties. Without further adieu, here are our top five favorite cars and babes from SpoCom 2014.

Best rides at SpoCom F20 swapped celica 01 Photo 3/14   |   5 Best Rides at SpoCom
Best rides at SpoCom F20 swapped celica 02 Photo 4/14   |  
Peter Vong's previous build was an LS-powered S14 featured back in August 2011. He's back with this ridiculous F20-swapped Celica. Peep them neochromed ITBs, son!

Best rides at SpoCom AIMGAIN widebody FRS 03 Photo 5/14   |  
The AIMGAIN widebody kit for the 86/FR-S is a breath of fresh air in a heavy Rocket Bunny-saturated world. Typically, you'd only see this company making body parts for VIP cars, but the FR-S market was too hard to resist—and we're glad it did.

Best rides at SpoCom k swapped civic hatchback 04 Photo 6/14   |   5 Best Rides at SpoCom
Best rides at SpoCom k swapped civic hatchback 05 Photo 7/14   |  
It's almost impossible to stand out in the Honda crowd, but we loved Angel Torres' Civic hatch with a supercharged K-swap under the bonnet. The TE37SLs will never grow old, either. Full feature soon!

Best rides at SpoCom liberty walk BMW E92 06 Photo 8/14   |  
Liberty Walk again? Although millions of eyes have already seen it on the interwebs or print, it doesn't change the fact of how dope Stean Durias' E92 project is.

Best rides at SpoCom BMW 2002 08 Photo 9/14   |   5 Best Rides at SpoCom
Best rides at SpoCom BMW 2002 07 Photo 10/14   |  
Two beautifully executed BMW 2002s. (These gems were in immaculate condition and two of my favorite cars at the show! —SD)

Hey Ladies!

Krstina hong 09 Photo 11/14   |  
The winner of the bikini contest Krstina Hong. No, that's not a typo, it's Krstina! This Texas hottie is also new to the scen. Being sexy with a body is one thing, but it's her charm and personality that won us over. Expect to see her in our magazine real soon! Or if you can't wait, check out her Instagram at @krstinahong
Pauline angeli 10 Photo 12/14   |  
We're not sure how long Pauline has been modeling, but we've only stalk-ahem, noticed her at SpoCom Anaheim. Check out more of her on Instagram at @paulineangelix3.
Janey b 11 Photo 13/14   |  
Hello Janey! She's also one of those models who has been in the scene, but still holds a special place in our hearts. This year she's touring with Toyo, and we couldn't be any more proud of her! Remember to follow her at @hello_janey.
Sandra wong 12 Photo 14/14   |  
Sandra Wong held the crown as Miss Super Street 2013 and to be quite honest, we miss having her around! Hands down one of the sweetest models you'll ever meet. Follow her at @thesandrawong.
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