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Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Photo Gallery

Wheel aficionados, wide bodies and the cleanest engine bays

Jun 4, 2015

In the hierarchy of car shows, Wekfest is difficult to outrank. Arrive on time or early, you're still likely to wait in line. Fortunately, the Los Angeles venue hasn't changed much and remains in the beautifully ghetto Long Beach, California, at the Queen Mary events park.

Wekfest los angeles 2015 acura nsx Photo 2/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Acura Nsx
Wekfest los angeles 2015 queen mary events park Photo 3/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Queen Mary Events Park

Fans will agree more times than not the wait is worth it. Skeptics might think they'll see the same cars they've seen for years on the California show circuit, but as soon as they step past security are confronted with a different reality. The Wekfest staff handpicks every car, some that aren't from California, and chances are there will be something new and exciting to see.

Wekfest los angeles 2015 nsx Photo 4/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Nsx
Wekfest los angeles 2015 crx Photo 5/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Crx
Wekfest los angeles 2015 deep dish wheel Photo 6/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Deep Dish Wheel

Josue Tovar from Arizona drove his rad Acura NSX sporting CCSNA1 fenders and rolling on custom re-barreled Sprint Hard CPRs tucked via Ksport air struts. Crooks and Castles brought an impressive array of vehicles, from an impeccably clean Honda CRX to the RWB Porsche completely redone to Crooks co-founder Rob Panlilio's preferences.

Wekfest los angeles 2015 ssr ex c fin Photo 10/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Ssr Ex C Fin

Not bad for a show that started at an underground garage in San Francisco, right? Wekfest has essentially become a concentration of tastemakers with wheels, engine bays, and overall builds. Enjoy the massive gallery and stay tuned for our favorite cars and girls article from the show!

Wekfest los angeles 2015 rocket bunny frs Photo 11/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Rocket Bunny Frs
Wekfest los angeles 2015 frs Photo 12/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Frs
Wekfest los angeles 2015 work meister wheel Photo 19/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Work Meister Wheel
Wekfest los angeles 2015 subaru wrx sti Photo 32/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Subaru Wrx Sti
Wekfest los angeles 2015 subaru wrx Photo 45/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Subaru Wrx
Wekfest los angeles 2015 porsche carrera Photo 52/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Porsche Carrera
Wekfest los angeles 2015 acura integra Photo 62/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Acura Integra
Wekfest los angeles 2015 lexus is Photo 72/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Lexus Is
Wekfest los angeles 2015 scion frs Photo 79/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Scion Frs
Wekfest los angeles 2015 honda crxs Photo 92/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Honda Crxs
Wekfest los angeles 2015 bbs wheel Photo 105/111   |   Wekfest Los Angeles 2015 Bbs Wheel
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