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Mitsubishi Owners Day West 2015

Hundreds of EVO make 10th annual MOD — and a few Eclipse, Starion, Galant, and others

Jul 14, 2015

As much as Mitsubishi Owners Day — otherwise known as MOD — has become a yearly pilgrimage for us (partly to check up on the sheer amount of EVO that inhabit the scene), fans of the brand seem to come in greater numbers each succeeding event. In 2015, MOD's tenth year, not only did cars completely fill all of the parking lots on Mitsubishi Motors North America's campus in Cypress, Calif., there were three overflow lots offsite. Some rough math puts the number of cars just on the campus at around 600, and accounting for the other lots we wouldn't be surprised if the total number approached 800 or more.

Mitsubishi owners day 2015 widebody evo Photo 2/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 Widebody Evo

Those are some impressive figures, and why the officially sanctioned Mitsubishi affair has spawned others — an MOD at the automaker's factory in Illinois and MOD East in New Jersey. At MOD West, not surprisingly most of the vehicles were Lancer Evolutions — EVO III, IV, VIII, IX, and of course X. Eclipse of all generations were in fewer amounts, as were Starion and Galant. And then there were the oddballs, what looked to be a JDM (or at least RHD) Tredia subcompact sedan, a crazy off-road spec Delica van, and equally burly Pajero SUV.

Tow strap Photo 3/183   |   Tow Strap

Again, a special area of the show was set aside for vendors and Road Race Engineering's Dynapack hub dynamometers; the shop also displayed Roy Narvaez's killer Pikes Peak "Hulk" EVO. Also showing were the likes of 5150 Racing, AEM, Cusco, Eneos, HPS Silicone, Idemitsu, Ignition Projects, KT Motoring, Mackin, Muellerized, Nuke Performance, Rally Innovations, Tein, Turbosmart, XS Engineering, and others.

Mitsubishi owners day 2015 volk te37 Photo 4/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 Volk Te37

MOD 2015 was another great morning of heritage and high performance. Peruse the image gallery to glimpse nearly 200 images we captured from the 10th annual Mitsubishi Owners Day.

Mitsubishi owners day 2015 2g eclipse Photo 17/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 2G Eclipse
Mitsubishi owners day 2015 speedelement evo Photo 33/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 Speedelement Evo
Mitsubishi owners day 2015 evo xs Photo 49/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 Evo Xs
Mitsubishi owners day 2015 delica Photo 65/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 Delica
Mitsubishi owners day 2015 2g eclipse Photo 81/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 2G Eclipse
Mitsubishi owners day 2015 evo 8 Photo 94/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 Evo 8
Mitsubishi owners day 2015 galants Photo 104/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 Galants
3000 GT Photo 120/183   |   3000 GT
Mitsubishi owners day 2015 narvaez racing evo Photo 136/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 Narvaez Racing Evo
Mitsubishi owners day 2015 starion passenger side Photo 152/183   |   Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 Starion Passenger Side
Starion Photo 168/183   |   Starion
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