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2015 Shukai San Jose Japantown Car Show

Third annual car show in Japantown brings San Jose to a halt!

Sep 17, 2015

For a third straight year, the streets of Japantown in San Jose were blocked off for the Shukai Car Show to celebrate everything about the automotive culture we love. Whether you are into Japanese cars, Euros, lowriders, retro rides, or American muscle, the Bay Area came out strong to celebrate one of their last events of the summer, and to also support one of the last three standing JTowns in the U.S.

Shukai sj 2015 datsuns Photo 2/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Datsuns

From noon to 5 p.m., the show organized by WheelsNMeals was free for anyone to attend; it was also kid-, pet-, and family-friendly. If you don't know what a Japantown is, it's basically a neighborhood that offers a taste of authentic Japanese history and culture. There is obviously a lot of good food to eat, but there's also a good amount of retail stores to make it a fun afternoon.

This was the first time Super Street was able to attend Shukai, and we absolutely fell in love with the show. We all know the big-name show and meets are fun, but it's not every day a city or neighborhood entertains the idea of closing down its streets and inviting our car culture in. The show ended with a small award ceremony, but in our eyes, the city welcoming the community with open arms to its Japantown was the biggest honor of all.

Shukai sj 2015 gs300 is300 Photo 15/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Gs300 Is300
Shukai sj 2015 dc2 integra Photo 25/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Dc2 Integra
Shukai sj 2015 integra civic Photo 35/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Integra Civic
Shukai sj 2015 toyota supra Photo 45/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Toyota Supra
Shukai sj 2015 lexus ct Photo 55/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Lexus Ct
Shukai sj 2015 ferrari 458 italia Photo 65/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia
Shukai sj 2015 toyota corolla Photo 75/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Toyota Corolla
Shukai sj 2015 itasha fc rx7 Photo 85/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Itasha Fc Rx7
Shukai sj 2015 civic wagon Photo 92/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Civic Wagon
Shukai sj 2015 honda preludes Photo 102/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Honda Preludes
Shukai sj 2015 toyota cressidas Photo 112/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Toyota Cressidas
Shukai sj 2015 mitsubishi evo x Photo 122/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Mitsubishi Evo X
Shukai sj 2015 maza protege wagon Photo 132/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Maza Protege Wagon
Shukai sj 2015 lexus ls Photo 142/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Lexus Ls
Shukai sj 2015 skylines Photo 152/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Skylines
Shukai sj 2015 impreza wrxs Photo 162/171   |   Shukai Sj 2015 Impreza Wrxs
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