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86Fest 2015 Coverage

One of the biggest new and old 86 gatherings in North America

Oct 8, 2015

Now in its fourth year, 86Fest returned to its original location at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif. Hosted by Motor Mavens and Turn 14, this event brought together both the classic rear-wheel-drive Toyota cars as well as the more modern Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ owners to celebrate 86 culture.

86fest 2015 rocket bunny frs Photo 2/53   |   86Fest 2015 Rocket Bunny Frs
86fest 2015 toyota corolla Photo 6/53   |   86Fest 2015 Toyota Corolla
86fest 2015 antonio alvendia Photo 7/53   |   86Fest 2015 Antonio Alvendia

As you can imagine, there was no shortage of Rocket Bunny kitted ZN6s, but what really stuck out were the engine-swapped cars. We spotted a sleeper FR-S with an LS1, as well as a Lux Motion fitted FR-S immaculately swapped 2JZ. In the old-school department, we found an AE86 powered by a 1UZ-FE V-8 that you would normally find in a Lexus LS400. Motor Mavens founder Antonio Alvendia says, "Turnout was bigger than last year! There are always a lot of cool cars and cool new builds debuting at our event."

86fest 2015 ratchet bunny Photo 8/53   |   86Fest 2015 Ratchet Bunny
86fest 2015 frss Photo 9/53   |   86Fest 2015 Frss
86fest 2015 frss Photo 10/53   |   86Fest 2015 Frss

All three Super Street FR-S made it to the show including the original Ratchet Bunny now using HKS' Version 3.0 supercharger at the HKS booth, the Scion Tuner Challenge car on Borla ITBs in the Scion Racing booth, and the daily driven Hot Lava FR-S in the Auto Tuned exhibit. Formula D driver Ken Gushi was found chillin' at the Auto Tuned booth, while fellow hot shoe Michael Essa was giving out ride-alongs in an HKS supercharged FR-S.

86fest 2015 hks usa Photo 11/53   |   86Fest 2015 Hks Usa
86fest 2015 scion frs Photo 12/53   |   86Fest 2015 Scion Frs

Call it a cult following, but 86 enthusiasts continue to grow. We're glad to see 86Fest expanding year after year. To our surprise there was even a couple that flew out from Atlanta and got engaged at the event! 86Fest: uniting 86 aficionados and lovers together since 2012!

86fest 2015evasive motorsports frs Photo 13/53   |   86Fest 2015Evasive Motorsports Frs
86fest 2015 trophies Photo 14/53   |   86Fest 2015 Trophies
86fest 2015 release series 1 frs Photo 27/53   |   86Fest 2015 Release Series 1 Frs
86fest 2015 ratchet bunny hks frs Photo 40/53   |   86Fest 2015 Ratchet Bunny Hks Frs
86fest 2015 killagram frs Photo 53/53   |   86Fest 2015 Killagram Frs
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