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10 Standout Builds from the 2016 Eibach Honda Meet

Doing a Double Take

Matt Rodriguez
Jun 3, 2016
Photographer: Jofel Tolosa

Every May, the city of Lake Elsinore, California, gets an early wake-up call from a massive onslaught of Hondas making its way to Storm Stadium for the annual Eibach Honda Meet presented by Falken Tire and RC's Garage. If you're anywhere in the area, prepare yourself for some serious traffic. This year's event, much like previous years, showed significant growth for the Honda/Acura-only affair. Pre-registered vehicle count topped out at 960 vehicles, not including the 40+ NSXs that were granted their own section at the event. Add to that more than two-dozen vendors and their accompanying display cars and you start to understand just how big this "little meet" has become.

Walking shoulder to shoulder with the crowd, we spotted a number of past SS feature cars were on site. In addition, there were plenty of builds that managed to catch our attention, some of which we'd never seen before, and required a double take. Here are a handful of those cars, in no particular order...

2016 eibach honda meet honda n600 vfr800 swap Photo 2/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Honda N600 Vfr800 Swap
2016 eibach honda meet honda n600 Photo 3/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Honda N600

1. About 40 years ago, this N600 was a bare-bones people mover with a spunky 36 hp being put to its front wheels. Today, it's rear-wheel drive and powered by a VFR800 from a '98 Interceptor motorcycle making north of 110 hp. Dean Williams is the mastermind behind this incredible restomod that had people stopping and staring all day, including us. Beyond the immaculate body and the unique powerplant, Dean narrowed and grafted a set of '67-'68 Camaro bumpers, transplanted seats from a Polaris Racer RZR, and plucked and modified Mazda Miata suspension components to fit. Behind the wheel, he selects gears with custom paddle shifters while clocking vitals on a fully functional motorcycle gauge cluster. Yeah, it's that serious.

2016 eibach honda meet michael blancke 92 civic cx Photo 4/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Michael Blancke 92 Civic Cx
2016 eibach honda meet michael blancke 92 civic cx turbo k20 Photo 5/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Michael Blancke 92 Civic Cx Turbo K20

2. Michael Blancke's '92 Civic CX, once owned by RC Chacon of RC's Garage when it featured a boosted B-series, attended previous Eibach meets with an ultra-clean K20 swap. This year, Michael stepped things up under the hood with a custom turbo kit scratch fab'd by JDL Auto Design, a Precision 6266 snail, Toda valvetrain, Web cams, and Golden Eagle studs. Blancke also worked with ICB Motorsport for a new Sergeant front bumper, Spoon Sports lip, and currently the only set of 16x8" +35 Hyper Green Volk CE28s on the planet.

2016 eibach honda meet nvus ej civic hatchback Photo 6/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Nvus Ej Civic Hatchback
2016 eibach honda meet nvus ej civic h22 swap Photo 7/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Nvus Ej Civic H22 Swap

3. It wasn't hard to see the NVUS team logo plastered along the bottom windshield of a number of builds throughout the day. That's probably because they registered around 80 vehicles! This RHD sixth-gen Civic, with its bright mint hue, stood out from the mass of roll-in vehicles. Armed with an H22 swap outfitted with a ton of Downstar hardware in the shaved and tucked engine bay, this spotless hatchback's unique color is heavily contrasted by red Gram Lights that complement the valve cover, seats, and rollbar.

2016 eibach honda meet lifted crv Photo 8/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Lifted Crv
2016 eibach honda meet crv ls vtec swap Photo 9/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Crv Ls Vtec Swap

4. We didn't get a chance to talk to the owner of this badass CR-V, but found his page on Instagram (@toeknee_eg420). The number of modified CR-Vs, especially on the East Coast, seems to be increasing at a rapid pace. And though we love checking out the lowered and cleaned-up versions, this slightly lifted and rugged build was a real standout. Economical and quiet road tires were ditched for meaty off-road treads on aftermarket wheels, while the mundane front bumper is outfitted with a quartet of high-intensity PIAA lights. Smiling brightly from the lower portion of the front bumper is a Sheepey Built intercooler that helps regulate temps on a boosted LS/VTEC swap said to produce more than 350 whp. To keep pace with the newfound power, an '08 Element differential (a direct swap) was added to the mix.

2016 eibach honda meet leon casino nsx Photo 10/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Leon Casino Nsx
2016 eibach honda meet leon casino nsx Photo 11/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Leon Casino Nsx

5. At one time he was well-known for his RHD, Mugen-equipped CR-X, later joined by a dark green USDM Spoon-themed version. Today, Leon Casino still owns those cars, but now he's drawing eyes to his sleek, black, supercharged NSX. Up front, a Taitec 2000 front bumper meets OEM FRP fenders that have been fitted with 45mm "banana flares." The mid-engine flagship's torso is flanked by homemade carbon-fiber and aluminum side diffusers that jut outward and meet a set of modified Downforce JGTC rear quarters. Atop the decklid rests a custom APR rear wing that helps to keep the 18x10.5" WedsSport TC105N's properly planted.

2016 eibach honda meet ryan blair ap2 s2000 Photo 12/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Ryan Blair Ap2 S2000
2016 eibach honda meet ryan blair s2000 vortech supercharger Photo 13/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Ryan Blair S2000 Vortech Supercharger

6. It's tough to miss a bright yellow widebody S2000 slammed on teal CCW rollers, even amongst the sea of Hondas on hand, but Ryan Blair's RHD-converted AP2 carries more than just exterior shock value. Take a peek under the hood and a Vortech supercharger, surrounded by plenty of Rio yellow paint and not much else, awaits you. Just about every unused factory hole or wrinkle in the bay was smoothed over for a one-of-a-kind look.

2016 eibach honda meet loi spec itr Photo 14/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Loi Spec Itr
2016 eibach honda meet loi spec itr te37s Photo 15/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Loi Spec Itr Te37s

7. If there's one thing the Loi-Spec guys know and know quite well, it's the ITR. This group of track regulars has had its hands on dozens of "Rs" over the years, but this one is a little different. It was originally yellow, and Loi and his crew completely stripped this DC2 down to the bare shell for a complete color change. During reassembly, they opted for a number of brand-new OEM moldings, clips, and assorted goodies that equate to one beautiful restoration. Don't get too attached to the perfect paint-the Loi-Spec crew will undoubtedly have this car back on track in no time.

2016 eibach honda meet ep3 civic si Photo 16/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Ep3 Civic Si
2016 eibach honda meet ep3 civic si turbo k20 Photo 17/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Ep3 Civic Si Turbo K20

8. Call it the unloved chassis of the Civic family; the seventh-generation Civic doesn't receive nearly the same recognition that its siblings get. That might be why this particular build stands out so much. Adorned in custom green paint and shiny Volk SE37s, the outside of this EP seems pretty tame. The intercooler might tip you off to something special under the hood, but not at this level. A Full Race turbo kit, custom fabrication, and highly polished bits and pieces give this build a completely different personality once the hood is removed. Sometimes different is good. Really good.

2016 eibach honda meet turbo rsx Photo 18/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Turbo Rsx
2016 eibach honda meet turbo k20 sheepey built turbo Photo 19/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Turbo K20 Sheepey Built Turbo

9. With a sharp start-up and a loping idle, this custom pearl white RSX caught our attention moments after it entered the event parking lot. The K24/K20 combo is strengthened with a Wiseco/Eagle slug and rod combo along with Supertech valves/springs/retainers. All of this is in place to back up the Sheepey Built turbo kit with hood-exit exhaust. Eighteen-inch Gram Lights 57DR and AP Racing calipers look right at home with the ITR and A-Spec body upgrades. Clean. Clean. Clean.

2016 eibach honda meet ahmed sulfab itr Photo 20/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Ahmed Sulfab Itr
2016 eibach honda meet ahmed sulfab itr turbo b series Photo 21/21   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Ahmed Sulfab Itr Turbo B Series

10. Ahmed Sulfab's Integra Type R started as nothing more than a shell, but has morphed over the years into a very complete build. Under the hood, power is produced by a Precision 6262 turbo and JDL turbo kit backed by a Darton-sleeved 2.0L block stuffed with Eagle rods and Arias pistons. The DC2's exterior is outfitted with a C-West front bumper and rear lip, 1,700mm GT wing, Ings+ side skirts, Crow House fenders, and Signal Auto mirrors.

By Matt Rodriguez
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