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ToyotaFest 2016 - The Reeducation

Tracing model histories at the largest Toyota-themed event on the West Coast

Andrew Beckford
May 31, 2016
Photographers: Bob Hernandez, Jofel Tolosa

Okay, boys and girls, recess is over and it's time for some cold, hard facts, so open up your truth hole because I'm coming in hot. Here it goes: car culture in nearly all of its forms existed long before you discovered it. I know that may seem like a no-brainer, but when first discovering cars we tend to not think about what came previously, just what's in front of us. We're all guilty of this at some point. I'm not innocent either. When I first laid eyes on a Supra Turbo Mk IV at the tender age of 15, I had no concept of the 2000GT that came decades before it. It wouldn't really occur to most 15 year olds to see cars that way, but that's what experiences like ToyotaFest 2016 are for.

Toyotafest 2016 2000GT Photo 2/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 2000GT

At first glance it might just seem like ToyotaFest is a celebration of the older vintage models that the big T had to offer back in the day. In a way that is true, but over the years the event has become much more than that. Today, ToyotaFest is the practical application of looking at the entire evolution of a brand from beginning to end all at once. There aren't many times when something like that is possible, especially considering that nearly every car at the show is privately owned. From an early Toyopet model to the latest Corolla, it can pretty much all be found at this event. One can pick a model-themed isle at the show and literally walk through that model's history. This is especially fun with cars like the MR-2 and the Supra. Furthermore, I would highly recommend looking for some of the more rare gems from Toyota's long road map, like the Celica All-Trac.

Toyotafest 2016 Celica All Trac Photo 3/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Celica All Trac

When an OEM's entire anthology is laid out before you it suddenly reveals all the layers that have gone into their latest offerings making them all the more fun to appreciate. Which brings us back to my previous example; as you comb through our ToyotaFest 2016 gallery, make sure you take a good look at the white Toyota 2000GT, then find yourself a Mk IV Supra. Some of the lines on the Supra will start to look familiar. As eye-opening as that moment will be, there are plenty more like that to be had (V8 swap, anyone?), so I invite you again to check out our full gallery and make some new discoveries.

Toyotafest 2016 toyota sienna city kruiser front bumper Photo 4/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Toyota Sienna City Kruiser Front Bumper
Toyotafest 2016 Celica front three quarter hood open Photo 17/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Celica Front Three Quarter Hood Open
Toyotafest 2016 tC purple Photo 30/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Tc Purple
Toyotafest 2016 Chaser Photo 43/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Chaser
Toyotafest 2016 toyota supra taillights Photo 56/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Toyota Supra Taillights
Toyotafest 2016 AE86 Photo 69/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 AE86
Toyotafest 2016 lexus gs300 headlights Photo 73/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Lexus Gs300 Headlights
Toyotafest 2016 toyota chaser headlights Photo 86/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Toyota Chaser Headlights
Toyotafest 2016 toyota sprinter trueno fender flares Photo 99/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Toyota Sprinter Trueno Fender Flares
Toyotafest 2016 TE37 Photo 112/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 TE37
Toyotafest 2016 toyota cressida headlights Photo 125/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Toyota Cressida Headlights
Toyotafest 2016 Celica 3rd gen Photo 138/138   |   Toyotafest 2016 Celica 3Rd Gen
By Andrew Beckford
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