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2016 Eibach Honda Meet

Overwhelming your eyes with all the neck-breaking visuals from the largest Honda get together on the West Coast

Jun 6, 2016
Photographers: Jofel Tolosa, Mike Sabounchi Videographer: Max Frauchiger

Year 12 of the annual Eibach Meet and there seems to be no slowing down for the biggest Honda enthusiast gathering this side of the Rocky Mountains. Some 900 modified cars packed the parking lot at Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore, Calif., for a fourth straight year, eclipsing last year's total and keeping the streak alive of each event being bigger than the last. Remarkably, the Eibach Meet staff parked that sum of vehicles in just over 2.5 hours (for videos of that roll-in process, check out the Honda Tuning Facebook page). An impressive 40 vendors were also on hand to provide still more distraction for the thousands of show attendees.

And to think it all started with a modest little get together of 50 cars in the parking lot of Eibach Springs a dozen years ago in nearby Corona - roots you can read about in an interview we did with event organizers Ryan Hoegner and Matt Rodriguez back in 2014. This year we broke down the massive gathering in parts, with articles about the first time NSX corral and a look at some of the killer engine bays on display at the event to supplement this grand gallery of over 200 images.

And we have additional coverage on deck, too, including some vehicle spotlights and an overview of the wheels - some very rare - on a handful of Honda at the meet. Get your fill now, and then come on back for more!

2016 eibach honda meet Bseries Mini Photo 14/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Bseries Mini
2016 eibach honda meet turbo B series Photo 27/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Turbo B Series
2016 eibach honda meet Civic hatch Enkei RPF1 Photo 40/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Civic Hatch Enkei RPF1
2016 eibach honda meet Civic coupes Photo 53/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Civic Coupes
2016 eibach honda meet Civic Aztec Green Pearl twins Photo 66/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Civic Aztec Green Pearl Twins
2016 eibach honda meet Civic FA EG Photo 79/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Civic FA EG
2016 eibach honda meet Pilot Photo 92/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Pilot
2016 eibach honda meet TSX Accord Euro R VIP stanced Photo 117/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet TSX Accord Euro R VIP Stanced
2016 eibach honda meet K series yellow valve cover Photo 130/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet K Series Yellow Valve Cover
2016 eibach honda meet s2k stance eibach Photo 143/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet S2k Stance Eibach
2016 eibach honda meet S2000 SSR Professor SP3 Photo 156/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet S2000 SSR Professor SP3
2016 eibach honda meet RSX turbo Photo 169/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet RSX Turbo
2016 eibach honda meet Civic EG hatch rear three quarter Photo 182/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet Civic EG Hatch Rear Three Quarter
2016 eibach honda meet NSX BBS LM Photo 195/207   |   2016 Eibach Honda Meet NSX BBS LM
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