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Eibach Meet 2016 Interviews

Up-close and personal with four hardcore Honda enthusiasts from the Honda Mega Meet

Jun 28, 2016
Photographer: Staff

During the hustle and bustle of the 2016 Eibach Honda Meet, we managed to overcome absolute sensory overload to tackle a handful of short interviews with a few enthusiasts that you either know, you've heard of, or you've caught a glimpse of their vehicle while swiping through social media, in between random Ray Ban sunglass sale ads, of course.

Eibach meet 2016 interviews 1999 honda civic si Photo 2/8   |   Eibach Meet 2016 Interviews 1999 Honda Civic Si
Eibach meet 2016 interviews RCs garage civic turbo Photo 3/8   |   Eibach Meet 2016 Interviews Rcs Garage Civic Turbo

Mike Schietroma
Mike's '99 Civic Si not only debuted at SEMA 2015, it landed the cover of Super Street Magazine's annual Honda Issue and in turn, ended a multi-year, Integra-only reign that was long overdue for a change. With the help of engine bay guru RC Chacon of RC's Garage of Arizona, the duo came up with a game plan to ditch the factory B16 and install a boosted K24, but not until after all of RC's engine bay tricks were incorporated into one immaculate EM1 build.

Eibach meet 2016 interviews spoon sports fd2 profile Photo 4/8   |   Eibach Meet 2016 Interviews Spoon Sports Fd2 Profile
Eibach meet 2016 interviews spoon sports honda civic type r driver side profile Photo 5/8   |   Eibach Meet 2016 Interviews Spoon Sports Honda Civic Type R Driver Side Profile

Spoon Sports USA
Breaking the FWD Unlimited record at Super Lap Battle is no easy task. Doing it with a failing alternator, leaking manifold and lack of a fourth gear entirely, should be pretty much impossible. However, Dai Yoshihara and the crew from GoTuning, the U.S. distributor for Spoon Sports, were relentless in their attack and the results were well worth their efforts.

Eibach meet 2016 interviews jackson racing eibach booth Photo 6/8   |   Eibach Meet 2016 Interviews Jackson Racing Eibach Booth

Oscar Jackon Jr.
Oscar Jackson has been immersed in all things Honda since well before you were born. It was only fitting that his son, Oscar Jackson Jr., would soak up as much as of his father's Honda knowledge as possible and today, has become recognized not only in the Honda community, but also the competitive racing world. Rather than bringing out a Jackson Racing supercharged Civic or CR-Z, Jr. went into the Jackson family vault and pulled out a Tahitian Green unicorn.

Eibach meet 2016 interviews gold civic hatchback profile Photo 7/8   |   Eibach Meet 2016 Interviews Gold Civic Hatchback Profile
Eibach meet 2016 interviews rhd civic kseries swap Photo 8/8   |   Eibach Meet 2016 Interviews Rhd Civic Kseries Swap

Albert Donkor
Part street car, part track car and yeah, maybe a little show car as well - Albert Donkor's K24-powered 6th gen hatchback is well-built from top to bottom. With the help of Sportcar Motion, the once underpowered people-mover has been transformed into a contender with a look sharp enough to land a spot in Super Street's annual Honda issue.

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