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Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 - Broads in Atlanta

Scene: Atlanta Motor Speedway - Hampton, GA

Jun 15, 2016

Our list of must-see places in Atlanta includes the Porsche Experience Center, Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, Coca-Cola Museum, Turner Field, and Magic City... But we have another spectacle to add to that list, the get-together known as Import Alliance (IA).

If you're into hanging out in a friendly and chill environment with enthusiasts from all over the East Coast, Midwest, and South, Import Alliance is your cup of sweet tea. This year marked IA's 10th anniversary as the two-day get-together went down at Atlanta Motor Speedway (former venue of NOPI, for you veterans out there). One thing to remember about IA Atlanta is that it's not a judged car show. It's as grassroots as it gets, a place to cruise together with your buddies and a chance to meet guys you might only know by their Instagram name. And whether you drive a stock Civic, bagged Scion, drift-ready 240, or $100K GT-R, the masses come together and without any drama. We certainly appreciated the number of dedicated people who drove from long distances; many averaged two- to four-hour drives, but we also ran into a several fellas from the Midwest with 10+ hour drives. Import Alliance is quite the phenomenon, and you can count on us being there next year—along with 10,000+ other friends!

Hot Product at IA

Import alliance atlanta 2016 downstar inc chapo shift knob Photo 8/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Downstar Inc Chapo Shift Knob

Downstar Inc. just dropped its "Chapo" shift knob. Short, fat, dangerous, and wanted! $99.99,

Instagram Stars of IA
If you want to follow some cool cats who came hard at Import Alliance, here are 10 we recommend!

Import alliance atlanta 2016 jim miller s14 Photo 9/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Jim Miller S14

Jim Miller of South Carolina's S14 simply stopped us in our tracks with its Lambo Grigio Telesto paint, pulled fenders, Kouki conversion, LS1 swap, wire tuck, and more.

Import alliance atlanta 2016 phil sohn rx7 Photo 10/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Phil Sohn Rx7

Phil Sohn is a bit of a legend in Alabama, having built one of the sickest RX-7s around. His car was also featured in Import Tuner back in '14. Props, Phil!

Import alliance atlanta 2016 russell antonio nsx Photo 11/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Russell Antonio Nsx

Reppin' Jade Motorsports; while Russell Antonio's NSX with a rare Route KS widebody has been around for a minute, it still looked dope in person.

Import alliance atlanta 2016 danyelle holt honda fit Photo 12/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Danyelle Holt Honda Fit

Danyelle Holt is a U.S. rep for J's Racing. Get at her if you need some parts, but she also owns this badass Fit on Mugen M7s.

Import alliance atlanta 2016 matt tucker ek9 civic type r Photo 13/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Matt Tucker Ek9 Civic Type R

Featured in last year's Honda issue, Matt Tucker's turbocharged and K-powered EK9 Civic Type R was simply breathtaking.

Import alliance atlanta 2016 tae chang honda s2000 Photo 14/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Tae Chang Honda S2000

Tae Chang's S2000 appeared in a '12 issue of Honda Tuning. He got some more power and new goodies since then, and we'll be featuring it soon!

Import alliance atlanta 2016 larry hoover vip infiniti q45 Photo 15/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Larry Hoover Vip Infiniti Q45

Larry Hoover showed us there's some VIP builds from the South that shouldn't be forgotten.

Import alliance atlanta 2016 mike sorrell mitsubishi starion Photo 16/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Mike Sorrell Mitsubishi Starion

We always like to find hidden gems, like Mike Sorrell's 1JZ-swapped Mitsubishi Starion.

Import alliance atlanta 2016 rocket bunny 350z Photo 17/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Rocket Bunny 350Z

This Rocket Bunny-kitted Nissan 350Z on GMR forged wheels was executed just right.

Import alliance atlanta 2016 cody hudson Photo 18/18   |   Import Alliance Atlanta 2016 Cody Hudson

Cody Hudson's homebuilt fourth-gen is one of the nicest Preludes we've seen in years. Stay tuned for a full feature.


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