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Wek'fest LA 2016

The most prestigious stop of the worldwide car show tour does not disappoint

Jun 7, 2016
Photographer: Jofel Tolosa

Due to blessed weather and extremely lenient smog laws (that kids, is called sarcasm), the landscape in So Cal is filled with meets, cars shows and track events pretty much all year. One event that's established itself as the premier car show during the frenzied pre-summer months is Wek'fest LA or, more accurately, Long Beach. Already well established in the Bay Area, when Wek'fest first made its way to Southern California, the reception was lukewarm at best. Some wondered if the group would bring the event back for a rematch with locals the following year and fortunately they did just that. Since that point, the LA stop of the Wek'fest Tour has continued to grow each year, not only in size and interest, but also in terms of legitimacy.

With the flash-in-the-pan, short attention span of the younger generation, combined with a "bash anything that moves" mentality on social media, you'd think that car shows in general would have fallen by the wayside years ago. Often described with cynicism and constantly peppered with insults from those that would rather watch "Diff'rent Strokes" reruns (look it up) than step foot near anything even resembling a show, Wek'fest is the one event that fans can't seem to get enough of. It's so successful in fact the group travels around the country and even jumps the pond to Japan once a year to round out their schedule. And of all of the various cities visited, the LA stop, though not the largest, seems to bring out the very best and most competitive builds of the tour each year.

Wekfest la 2016 nissan skyline r34 gtr front Photo 2/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Nissan Skyline R34 Gtr Front
Wekfest la 2016 nissan skyline gtr vspec rear Photo 3/97   |   Car show, track, freeway off-ramp - whenever you see a GT-R V-Spec, it will undoubtedly capture your attention.

The organizers delivered over 400 pre-screened cars on the waterfront at the Queen Mary Events Park and accompanying parking lot as promised, and like previous visits to the Long Beach landmark, vehicles were of the highest caliber. Though Hondas seem to dominate the staff's inbox during the registration filtering process months prior, the group always does a good job of offering a variety of vehicles, including some domestic cars. This year's show saw a large number of EVOs, Skylines, exotics, and yeah, quite a few well-built Hondas.

Not uncommon to the city of Long Beach, the morning weather was cool and overcast, but by the early afternoon sunny and warm, just in time for the flow of fans to make their way through the entrance gates. It's tough to argue with perfect weather, an excellent venue and 400-plus builds to browse through, but rumor has it that the Queen Mary will not be part of the LA stop next year. Whatever the case, when the group touches down in SoCal again, we'll be there!

The VIP presence at Wek'fest LA was definitely felt. A number of slick, JDM-inspired sedans peppered the waterfront from various builders including the AutoFashion USA camp.

Wekfest la 2016 white mitsubishi evo intercooler Photo 7/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 White Mitsubishi Evo Intercooler
Wekfest la 2016 silver mitsubishi evo voltex Photo 8/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Silver Mitsubishi Evo Voltex

Got a thing for EVOs? There were more than enough to satisfy your four-door fetish, including this Voltex-equipped version that took home 1st Place Mitsubishi.

Wekfest la 2016 red subaru wagon flares Photo 9/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Red Subaru Wagon Flares

And you know when there's EVOs on hand, Subarus aren't far away.

Wekfest la 2016 turbo rotary mazda rx8 Photo 10/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Turbo Rotary Mazda Rx8
Wekfest la 2016 yellow rx8 front intercooler Photo 11/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Yellow Rx8 Front Intercooler

We caught this RX-8 during the morning roll-in and the "brap-brap" was intoxicating. Nicely done build from top to bottom.

Wekfest la 2016 mackin industries wheel booth Photo 21/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Mackin Industries Wheel Booth
Wekfest la 2016 phaze2 spoon livery porsches Photo 31/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Phaze2 Spoon Livery Porsches
Wekfest la 2016 grey supra front quarter Photo 41/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Grey Supra Front Quarter
Wekfest la 2016 red mazda rx7 fd Photo 51/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Red Mazda Rx7 Fd
Wekfest la 2016 mitsubishi evo row rear Photo 58/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Mitsubishi Evo Row Rear
Wekfest la 2016 blue scion frs widebody Photo 68/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Blue Scion Frs Widebody
Wekfest la 2016 red porsche rwb medusa Photo 78/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Red Porsche Rwb Medusa
Wekfest la 2016 ferrari rollin driveway security Photo 88/97   |   Wekfest La 2016 Ferrari Rollin Driveway Security
By Rodrez
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