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Hondas of Spocom Anaheim 2016

More cars, for better or worse

Jul 21, 2016

In the midst of a good old-fashioned SoCal heat wave, the very thought of walking through a convention center hall supported by a high-powered, industrial strength HVAC system sounded pretty damn good. As we headed into the venue, we were greeted by the never-disappointing convention center draft and it was glorious, as expected. Oh, and there were cars there to see as well ...

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Spocom packed in more cars than ever. And while that might sound ideal for an event that encourages you to walk around and view display vehicles, browse the vendor row and pump yo' fist for the dance competition that runs simultaneously, some of the cars in attendance weren't exactly up to par. We're not just talking about wild, ultra-expensive show builds with bolt-on fenders, wings with extreme angles of attack and highly polished splitter support rods that aren't even bolted up, but even some of the street level cars failed to check some of the boxes that you'd expect from a vehicle displaying and/or competing at a car show. Being an open registration event, it allows just about anyone to register and, in turn, you get a mixed bag of cars in attendance. And while that's not such a bad thing, we expected a slightly elevated group overall, being that it was a big anniversary event.

Nevertheless, there was a small group of Hondas spread throughout the hall and we managed to capture the majority of them for you to check out ... hopefully in the comfort of some refreshing A/C.

Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 turbo s2000 cr lip Photo 2/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Turbo S2000 Cr Lip
Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 nvus s2000 turbo fseries Photo 3/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Nvus S2000 Turbo Fseries

Ryan Blair's previously supercharged, right-hand drive S2000 showed up in Anaheim with a Sheepey Built turbo kit packed into its empty, sculpted engine bay. A healthy dose of Downstar Inc. hardware and an all-but-required wide fender treatment with deep dish wheel setup place this roadster into contender status at just about any show nationwide.

Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 polished mugen mf10l wheels Photo 4/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Polished Mugen Mf10l Wheels
Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 ep3 civic engine bay Photo 5/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Ep3 Civic Engine Bay

Joseph Pham was all business at Spocom, going the extra mile to make his EP3 shine in the dark, crowded convention center hall. The hard work paid off as he drove home with a third place finish in the "Best Honda" class.

Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 comp turbo bseries topmount Photo 6/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Comp Turbo Bseries Topmount
Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 jerry built turbo bseries Photo 7/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Jerry Built Turbo Bseries

Luis Arenas' Civic EH sports the requisite ultra-wide fenders and low offset wheels, but it's not what you might think. Built for drag duty, his B-series features a healthy Comp Turbo snail and a coil-on-plug conversion to help make quick work of the 1,320 on race day.

Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 meguairs honda civic coupe Photo 8/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Meguairs Honda Civic Coupe
Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 10th gen civic coupe Photo 9/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 10Th Gen Civic Coupe

While Honda battles to bring attention to the new Civic and the enthusiast circle despises, gradually accepts and, with any luck, eventually embraces the 10th iteration of Honda's staple chassis, RJ De Vera has already embarked on a build. Perched in the Meguiar's booth, the fresh-to-market sedan featured a carbon fiber hood, SSR Formula Mesh reissued rollers, a splash of color in the cabin and a Greddy intercooler that fills the FC chassis front bumper.

Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 mugen tsx front bumper Photo 10/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Mugen Tsx Front Bumper

Even if you don't appreciate another person's style — one that doesn't even come close to what your vision of the perfect build is comprised of — you can't help but respect hard work and attention to detail. Ira Fouquette blurs the lines between show, performance, JDM and lowrider styling with his second gen TSX. The Mugen front bumper and supercharged K24 in the tucked and shaved engine bay might sway you one way, while the painstaking metal engraving and intricate paintwork push you in a completely different direction. Having just completed the car recently, Ira is already enjoying the fruits of labor as his sedan is garnering a ton of attention, pulling awards, like Spocom's Best Acura honors, and he's set to do a photoshoot with Lowrider's digital branch — and he's only getting started.

Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 da integra taillight Photo 20/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Da Integra Taillight
Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 silver acura nsx front Photo 30/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Silver Acura Nsx Front
Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 honda odyssey mini van Photo 40/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Honda Odyssey Mini Van
Honda of spocom anaheim 2016 rotiform acura integra front Photo 50/56   |   Honda Of Spocom Anaheim 2016 Rotiform Acura Integra Front
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