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World Motorsports Open House

SoCal exotics meet and greet

Jul 26, 2016

If you just so happened to find yourself in Torrance, Calif., on July 16th, there's a good chance you ran across a supercar or two making their way to one of the countless SoCal cookie-cutter business parks. Their destination, however, at West 190th St. where you'll find World Motorsports, is anything but cookie cutter.

Open the shop's bay door and you're greeted by yet another set of doors that house World's new Wind Tunnel 4WD dyno, which relies on four massive fans and a linked rolling road system to mimic real world driving conditions. This means that they can simulate wind speed over the vehicle as well as avoid the common issues that plague newer car tuning sessions, like ABS and traction control interference.

The open house event brought out a number of high-end vehicles, and by the time we arrived around 9 a.m. the business park lot was full and the dyno side of World Motorsports was packed as well. A handful of vendors that included Mackin Industries and their slew of beautiful Volk Racing and Advan wheel options, as well as Continental Tire, along with a few others, were on hand to field questions from attendees.

Anytime you have multiple Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and McLarens lined up and on display, not to mention the howl of multiple Porsches on your state-of-the-art dyno, you can probably consider your event a smash hit. World Motorsports definitely delivered and if they ever throw anything like this again, rest assured we'd be in attendance to support it. Take a look at what you missed with our Facebook Live Video

World Motorsports
2170 West 190th St.
Torrance, CA 90504

World motorsports open house porsche gt3 front quarter Photo 2/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Porsche Gt3 Front Quarter
World motorsports open house center lock gt3 wheel Photo 3/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Center Lock Gt3 Wheel
World motorsports open house porsche gt3 rear quarter Photo 4/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Porsche Gt3 Rear Quarter

There were a number of cars that most people would undoubtedly describe as "dream cars" at this event, and we enjoyed them all. However, one of the cars that really stood out to us was this Supreme Power 991 GT3 in Fashion Grey perched on BBS Motorsport E07 wheels.

World motorsports open house mercedes amg rado custom Photo 5/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Mercedes Amg Rado Custom

Somewhat of an Internet legend at this point, it was nice to finally see the World Motorsports/Rado-prepped AMG SLS in person. Subtle in appearance, the car makes awe-inspiring power and we're dying to get into the driver's seat in the near future.

World motorsports open house vf engineering engine Photo 6/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Vf Engineering Engine

We know, we know, you own a Huracan and that measly 600hp just isn't cutting it anymore. Chin up, little guy, VF Engineering's VF800 Roots-type supercharger will grant you another two hundred ponies for just a tad under 33K. Look at me ... ya' welcome.

World motorsports open house dinan carbon fiber intakes Photo 7/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Dinan Carbon Fiber Intakes
World motorsports open house carbon fiber dinan intake box Photo 8/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Carbon Fiber Dinan Intake Box

Increasing the visual impact while also increasing airflow to this M6 mill is Dinan's carbon fiber intake kit.

World motorsports open house lotus bbs mesh wheels Photo 9/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Lotus Bbs Mesh Wheels
World motorsports open house lotus rear deck wing Photo 10/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Lotus Rear Deck Wing
World motorsports open house lotus exhaust rear diffuser Photo 11/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Lotus Exhaust Rear Diffuser

A deep dive into a Lotus build can go one of two ways - incredibly good or incredibly bad. We're going with the first avenue on this widebody Exige that, as a result of DTM Autobody's hard work, sports a one-off wide body rear end. Atop that larger-than-average hiney sits an APR GTC2K wing while underneath you'll find a Larini Club Sport exhaust set up.

World motorsports open house mercedes coupe front mount camera Photo 21/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Mercedes Coupe Front Mount Camera
World motorsports open house yellow mercedes coupe front Photo 31/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Yellow Mercedes Coupe Front
World motorsports open house bmw i8 mclaren front Photo 38/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Bmw I8 Mclaren Front
World motorsports open house polaris slingshop profile Photo 45/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Polaris Slingshop Profile
World motorsports open house blue mclaren convertible front Photo 55/64   |   World Motorsports Open House Blue Mclaren Convertible Front
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