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Autocon San Francisco '16

Autocon brings the party to the Bay Area

Aug 22, 2016

From San Jose to San Francisco and everywhere in between, California's Bay Area is truly a cultural melting pot. The same can be said about the car scene and all of the different flavors you can expect to find at a show like Autocon. It featured everything from hardcore JDM builds to ridiculously modified trucks.

Autocon san francisco 2016 voltex subaru wrx Photo 2/71   |   Autocon San Francisco 2016 Voltex Subaru Wrx

As usual, Endless Projects brought out some heavy hitters such as Lloyd Morales' gangster SR20DET powered Vertex Kouki S14 as well as Eric Lam's clean Toyota Supra with T78 turbo. Other dope cars included the Mercury Auto Nissan 350Z U.S. demo car built by Dennis Houth. Currently it's the only Z with Mercury Auto aero in the U.S., but Dennis tells us that 10 kits are on the way from Japan. The Z started its life as a track edition, but in went Revolver-R coilovers, bucket seats, a steering wheel, Battle Version camber arms and some really sexy Work Meister M1R wheels. Marvic San Juan with Team DRP brought out his '87 Toyota Corolla FX16, a seemingly underrated car overshadowed by its brother, the AE86. What a lot of people don't know is that it also came with a 4AG motor like the AE86, but it had a front wheel drive layout. Then you have a car that completely steals the show, like the Chuckle's Garage '49 Ford F1 farm truck. It sounds silly reading it, but it'll sound even crazier when you hear about the mods it has, like the 1200hp, 5.9l Cummins common rail diesel with 91mm and 66mm compound twin turbos. Be on the lookout for an Autocon spotlight coming in a few days.

Autocon already has their '17 tour locked down. In addition to L.A. and the Bay Area, their show will be expanding from California, making stops in New York, Miami and Houston. Rest assured, the Super Street team will be there as well.

Autocon san francisco 2016 varis nissan gtr Photo 6/71   |   Autocon San Francisco 2016 Varis Nissan Gtr

It's only a few hours away, but the Bay Area has a different style and attitude than Southern California. Housing is expensive and streets aren't what you would call tuner car friendly, but besides the pretentiousness, NorCal will tend to surprise you—especially an event like Autocon where you'll find some solid cars and awesome people.

Autocon san francisco 2016 widebody lotus exige Photo 7/71   |   Autocon San Francisco 2016 Widebody Lotus Exige
Autocon san francisco 2016 mercury auto nissan 350z duckbill wing Photo 23/71   |   Autocon San Francisco 2016 Mercury Auto Nissan 350Z Duckbill Wing
Autocon san francisco 2016 work wheels Photo 39/71   |   Autocon San Francisco 2016 Work Wheels
Autocon san francisco 2016 scion frs Photo 55/71   |   Autocon San Francisco 2016 Scion Frs
Autocon san francisco 2016 subaru sti Photo 71/71   |   Autocon San Francisco 2016 Subaru Sti
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