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Wekfest San Jose '16

The Bay Area is lit!

Aug 2, 2016

For years now Wekfest has undeniably been the most exciting car show of the year. A true "zero to a hundred" story, Wekfest's origins stem from a small car meet in an underground parking garage in San Francisco's J Town neighborhood and has become a nationwide tour where you can expect nothing but top-notch car builds. But out of all the stops on the Wekfest tour, it's the Bay Area event, held at the San Jose convention center that hits home for its staff.

Wekfest san jose 16 toyota trueno ae86 4ag Photo 2/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Toyota Trueno Ae86 4Ag

"This San Francisco/San Jose event is special mainly because it's our homecoming," says Wekfest founder Jr Sarmiento. "It's where everything started for us. Both NorCal and SoCal friends reunite. Wekfest is very much like the Bay Area; it's a melting pot. Everyone comes together to reunite or place faces to names. We're just lucky that the build quality level of cars that exhibit are also the best in the world."

If you are unfamiliar with Wekfest's car registration system, it's nothing like a Hot Import Nights, where Joe Blow can register his fake "Rocket Bunny" Jetta. Instead, you'll have to send in your car's registration and with some luck you'll get past the pre-screening. This year Jr. tells us over 1,200 applications came in, which is the most applications received for any Wekfest event. It wasn't all from California, either. In fact, Texas, Canada, and Oregon came to compete. At the end of the day, the Wekfest staff curated 510 cars and 8,000 heads cruised through to see them. As you can imagine, there was a variety of build styles. Jr. also managed to incorporate Lowriders in a way that wasn't so "DUB" show.

Wekfest san jose 16 bmw bbs wheels Photo 6/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Bmw Bbs Wheels

It's no doubt Wekfest will be seen as the ideal show for years to come. It's the kind of event that, by the end of summer, you'll want to build a rad car to participate. Either that, or just like Black Friday, you'll be willing to wait in line for hours and fight the crowds just to get in the door.

Wekfest san jose 16 re amemiya mazda rx7 front bumper Photo 7/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Re Amemiya Mazda Rx7 Front Bumper
Wekfest san jose 16 subaru sti volkk racing te37 Photo 14/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Subaru Sti Volkk Racing Te37
Wekfest san jose 16 aimgain nissan gtr Photo 21/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Aimgain Nissan Gtr
Wekfest san jose 16 lexus is300 taillights Photo 28/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Lexus Is300 Taillights
Wekfest san jose 16 ferrari 458 gt3 wing Photo 38/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Ferrari 458 Gt3 Wing
Wekfest san jose 16 lexus sc430 headlights Photo 48/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Lexus Sc430 Headlights
Wekfest san jose 16 honda civic hatch Photo 55/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Honda Civic Hatch
Wekfest san jose 16 volkswagen beetle Photo 65/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Volkswagen Beetle
Wekfest san jose 16 acura rsx widebody Photo 75/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Acura Rsx Widebody
Wekfest san jose 16 nissan 240sx s13 headlights Photo 82/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Nissan 240Sx S13 Headlights
Wekfest san jose 16 fatlace nissan skyline hakosuka Photo 89/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Fatlace Nissan Skyline Hakosuka
Wekfest san jose 16 pandem e46 fender flare Photo 96/96   |   Wekfest San Jose 16 Pandem E46 Fender Flare
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