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Seven Stock 19

Mazda rotary lover's festival returns to Auto Club Speedway

Oct 5, 2016

Many of you might have heard of Toyotafest, Hondafest, and/or Mitsubishi Owners Day. But what a lot of you might not know is that Mazda has a similar one-make event in California called Seven Stock. What can only be described as a Mazda junkie's paradise, Seven Stock isn't only for RX-7s but rather for any rotary powered or Mazda rotary chassis enthusiast. The guys from SoCal RX Club have been putting the show together since the beginning, and this year marked its 19th year running.

Seven stock 19 mazda lemans 767b Photo 2/84   |   Seven Stock 19 Mazda Lemans 767B

Like most car shows, Seven Stock started off as a meet among friends and was originally held at a park in San Dimas, Calif. The annual meet's popularity grew through the Internet and eventually caught Mazda North America's attention, prompting the OEM to host Seven Stock 4 at the Mazda R&D location in Irvine. By '10 the event had outgrown Mazda's facilities and since then has been held at various venues, but for the past few years its home has been Autoclub Speedway in Fontana.

Having an event at a racetrack has its benefits and means it's not just a rad car show with Cosmos and RX-7s, but also a chance for enthusiasts to drive with other legendary Mazda racecars. One of the original founders of Seven Stock, Berny Herrera, mentions, "One of the highlights this year was having Mazda present a freshly restored Le Mans 767B prototype and several old-school build debuts."

Seven stock 19 mazda rx3 Photo 6/84   |   Seven Stock 19 Mazda Rx3

Roughly 3,000 people came out this year, but next year will probably be a bigger event, not only to celebrate the 20th year anniversary for Seven Stock, but also the 50th anniversary of the rotary. Either way, if you go to a Seven Stock you'll get your "brap brap brap" fill for the next month or two.

Seven stock 19 mazda rx7 Photo 16/84   |   Seven Stock 19 Mazda Rx7
Seven stock 19 mazda 787 Photo 26/84   |   Seven Stock 19 Mazda 787
Seven stock 19 mazda rx7 Photo 39/84   |   Seven Stock 19 Mazda Rx7
Seven stock 19 mazda rx3 Photo 52/84   |   Seven Stock 19 Mazda Rx3
Seven stock 19 mazda rx8 Photo 65/84   |   Seven Stock 19 Mazda Rx8
Seven stock 19 mazda lemans rx3 Photo 75/84   |   Seven Stock 19 Mazda Lemans Rx3
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