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Wekfest Texas 2016

A look at Texas' thriving car scene

Oct 26, 2016
Photographer: Ashley Silva

Besides steaks, guns, and honorary Ranger Chuck Norris, Texas is also known for having an extremely strong car community. If you're looking for speed, you go to Texas2K, but if you're looking for style, your best bet would be Wekfest Texas. Going four years strong, Wekfest returned to Houston for high-caliber builds and good ol' southern hospitality. Despite the hazy pre-meet festivities at the Sigma Brewery the night before, the event was still able to yield a crowd as big as, say, a show in California.

Wekfest texas 2016 honda accord Photo 2/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Honda Accord

"Cars from all over Texas showed up, from San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and even surrounding areas like New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Tennessee," says Junior Sarmiento of Wekfest. While VIP style and JDM supercars have dominated registered cars the past few years, this year saw an influx of some serious Honda builds. "Big body cars are popular and there are also a lot of girl tuners who also win at these events. But the Texas Honda/Acura game is legit, too, and even rivals NorCal and SoCal," Junior adds. Teams such as Refined Elegance, Team 5Star, Squirrel Squad, and Prospektz debuted new builds, but at the end of the day, Arizona resident Mike Schietroma's '99 Civic Si won the Car of the Festival award.

Wekfest texas 2016 toyota prius Photo 3/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Toyota Prius

We foresee nothing but good things for the tuner scene in Texas. Believe the hype - Wekfest is still the king of car shows.

Wekfest texas 2016 1969 mini cooper Photo 4/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 1969 Mini Cooper
Wekfest texas 2016 rocket bunny nissan 350z Photo 17/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Rocket Bunny Nissan 350Z
Wekfest texas 2016 subaru sti sedan Photo 30/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Subaru Sti Sedan
Wekfest texas 2016 subaru wrx crashbar Photo 43/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Subaru Wrx Crashbar
Wekfest texas 2016 widebody honda s2000 Photo 56/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Widebody Honda S2000
Wekfest texas 2016 acura rsx Photo 84/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Acura Rsx
Wekfest texas 2016 datsun 280z Photo 97/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Datsun 280Z
Wekfest texas 2016 varis frs front bumper Photo 110/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Varis Frs Front Bumper
Wekfest texas 2016 honda civic hatch Photo 123/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Honda Civic Hatch
Wekfest texas 2016 acura tsx Photo 136/136   |   Wekfest Texas 2016 Acura Tsx
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