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East vs. West - Eibach Honda Meet 2017

Breaking down the builds of the Eibach Honda Meet on both coasts

Jul 25, 2017
Photographers: Bob Hernandez, Jofel Tolosa, Josh Rivera

It's crowded, usually very hot and, if you're a Honda enthusiast, one of the most important events of the year. The Eibach Honda Meet, which recently pulled off its 13th annual event in SoCal, shook things up in 2017, just a week prior, when it made a trip to Orlando, Florida, for the first-ever East Coast edition. After having organized the very first event more than a decade ago, event founder Ryan Hoegner decided to test the waters outside of California and made the cross-country trek. Not surprisingly, the locals took notice almost immediately and the limited number of spots began to fill quickly. What is surprising to many, however, is the quality of builds that seemingly came out of the woodwork to take part.

Ask any enthusiast in the know in Orlando and they'll tell you there are plenty of low-key builds that can hold their own in any part of the world. Florida has long embraced the enthusiast culture, and that includes a devoted Honda following, but much like SoCal, the dreaded threat of theft has lingered for years, causing many to put their projects aside or keep them tucked away. That all changed on April 30th, when hundreds answered the call and made their way to the first annual Eibach Meet East.

As the SoCal edition of the meet continues to grow every year, it brings with it an even larger mix of cars. Some of the builds you see are owned by young enthusiasts just getting started and the mods are mild, while on the other hand, some are high-level street, show, or race builds that rival the very best in the world. Being that the meet is all-inclusive, they're all welcomed, no matter the build level.

Naturally, comparisons between the two coasts are constant, but the reality is, both regions produce some incredible Honda builds. Quality parts, one-off fabrication, and intimate attention to detail are standard, and we've chosen a group of standouts from the Eibach West and East meets to breakdown for you.


2017 eibach honda meets big mike prelude Photo 2/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Big Mike Prelude
2017 eibach honda meets big mike prelude Photo 3/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Big Mike Prelude

Whatever region of the country you're in, there's a good chance that the modified Prelude population in your neck of the woods is pretty scarce. And, if there are any 'Lude builds near you, they're not like Big Mike's '92 Si. The exterior features custom fenders and PCI side skirts, slathered in flat gray and laced with Martini livery, but it's the engine bay that had everyone talking at the '16 SEMA show. The built F20B with Garrett GTX 2867R is surrounded by "custom everything" and takes cues from an AEM Infiniti thanks to Rywire's one-off wiring touches.


2017 eibach honda meets wireworx civic hatchback Photo 4/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Wireworx Civic Hatchback

You've seen a thousand sixth-gen Civic hatchback builds—some good, some not so good—but this build from Wireworx is a shining example of what's possible. The ITB K-swap, clocked forward with a set of lean mounts and outfitted with an always-impressive ASP header, sits inside of a spotless bay. FWD staggered, matte blue TE37s under custom front fenders are complemented by a First Molding lip that wraps up an EJ hatch that many drool over.


2017 eibach honda meets robles rocket bunny civic Photo 5/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Robles Rocket Bunny Civic
2017 eibach honda meets honda rocket bunnny civic Photo 6/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Honda Rocket Bunnny Civic

Phil Robles, owner of this phantom gray EH, isn't really from the West Coast specifically, but Arizona is close enough. Besides that, he travels all over the West for track days and has been a regular at the Eibach Meet for years. His car remains as show-worthy as it does track-capable, and after recently adding some Rocket Bunny attire and a wider stance, his K-powered CX continues to stay active on race day.


2017 eibach honda meets ceejay CRX Photo 7/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Ceejay CRX

CeeJay's '88 CRX has developed a sort of cult following, and the beauty of it goes well beyond the surface. Sure, the pristine paint and JDM front-end conversion are both factors, but it's the high-powered turbo setup that you've no doubt seen or heard about. This monster proudly splits its time between street, track, and show duty.


2017 eibach honda meets spoon FD2 civic Photo 8/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Spoon FD2 Civic
2017 eibach honda meets spoon FD2 civic Photo 9/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Spoon FD2 Civic

Forget the tire shine for a minute and think custom race car and you might just conjure up images of the Spoon Sports USA/GoTuning Unlimited turbo Civic FD. The turbocharged sedan has attended the meet for a few years now and in 2017, it showed off its center-seat conversion. It's said to be retired after Super Lap Battle late last year, but we're hoping some prodding will bring the car back out on track for another battle.


2017 eibach honda meets mugen integra GSR Photo 10/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Mugen Integra GSR
2017 eibach honda meets mugen ITR Photo 11/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Mugen ITR

The number of cars with authentic, tough-to-source parts in Orlando was impressive. This ITR and GS-R combo drive home that point with both sporting complete Mugen aero packages and the appropriate wheels.


2017 eibach honda meets rywire integra type r Photo 12/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Rywire Integra Type R
2017 eibach honda meets rywire integra type r Photo 13/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Rywire Integra Type R

By now, you know that Rywire's ITR is outfitted with cutting-edge electronics, a built turbo K-series, one-off paddle shifters to control the drive-by-wire setup, a scratch-fab'd aluminum dash, and an interior finished in a Porsche GT3 color and graphics scheme. The car's appearance in Fontana, however, was just a friendly reminder of what's possible and just how far Honda building has come.


2017 eibach honda meets turbo delsol Photo 14/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Turbo Delsol

An ideal car for the Sunshine State, this turbo SOHC del Sol on 949 Racing wheels is one of the cleanest we've seen in quite some time. Putting time and work into an under-appreciated chassis makes it stand out that much more.


2017 eibach honda meets rcs garage civic si Photo 15/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Rcs Garage Civic Si
2017 eibach honda meets rcs garage em1 civic Photo 16/16   |   2017 Eibach Honda Meets Rcs Garage Em1 Civic

Mike Schiotroma's EM1 makes both lists because it made the trek to both events! Out of Arizona, the RC's Garage-built coupe had seen SEMA red carpet time, a Super Street cover, and Wekfest top honors at events around the country before going coast to coast for the Eibach Meet series.

By Rodrez
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