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Super StrEAT Brings Together Good Food and Car Culture

We help resurrect Wheels N Meals at our first ever Super StrEAT car meet and food truck fest in San Jose

Mar 5, 2018

We got a lot of love for Bay Area; in fact, we try to make the 1-hour flight or 5- to 6-hour drive at least a few times a year so we can check out the NorCal car scene—a scene filled with as many great quality builds as we have here in Los Angeles. But unlike Southern California, the Bay doesn't have as many events or meets as we do, and the aftermarket community is always hungry for weekend activities. Knowing this, we put our powers together with Cary Inayoshi to resurrect his semi-retired, but far from forgotten, series of car meets called Wheels N Meals.

Super strEAT pulled pork fries Photo 2/61   |   Super Streat Pulled Pork Fries

"I used to be a food truck owner and started Wheels N Meals as a place for me and my food truck friends to sell more food," Cary explained. "We thought, 'why don't we market it toward the automotive community?'" Sure enough, combining a free car meet with bomb ass food from local trucks was huge a hit. Wheels N Meals lasted from '10 until '14, then took a back seat when Cary sold his food truck and focused on other projects like his annual Shukai car show.

After a four-year hiatus, it was finally time to relaunch the food truck and car meet concept in the form of Super StrEAT. Cary helped us secure one of the main parking lots of Eastridge Center in Eastern San Jose and the turnout couldn't have been any better!

Super strEAT GTR Photo 6/61   |   Super Streat GTR

With only a week of promotion, the main parking lot was full thirty minutes prior to the meet even starting. And the diversity of cars surprised us from Huracans and R8s to Civics and 240s. There was even a good amount of motorcycle and domestic guys to throw into the mix.

As far as food goes, Cary curated the event so there was a good variety: Tastee Bytes is an American fusion truck, Takoz Mod Mex offering Mexican food and Seoul of Taipei brought an Asian fusion spin. The food trucks all sold out of food an hour before the meet finished—a sheer sign that there was a lot of folks that came out, much more than what we all expected.

Super strEAT lexus IS Photo 10/61   |   Super Streat Lexus IS

We're hoping to make Super StrEAT a regular thing so remember to follow Wheels N Meals for updates. Thanks to a great venue and huge turnout from our first event, you can be sure this won't be our last. Stay tuned for our next event, and don't forget to come early and come hungry!

Special thanks to the teams and vendors that came out strong: District 10, High Octane Tuners, Audi Gruppe Silicon Valley, Darkside Racing, Mansu, Speed Element, Inspire, Illiminate, Van Kulture, WagonSteez, Weapon-R, HHwHH and Supreme Poke.

Super strEAT lexus GS Photo 14/61   |   Super Streat Lexus GS
Super strEAT toyota corolla Photo 24/61   |   Super Streat Toyota Corolla
Super strEAT ITR Photo 34/61   |   Super Streat ITR
Super strEAT r33 Photo 44/61   |   Super Streat R33
Super strEAT datsun 510 Photo 54/61   |   Super Streat Datsun 510
Super strEAT pork belly fries Photo 61/61   |   Super Streat Pork Belly Fries
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