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Auto Enthusiast Day 2018

The 5th annual, all-inclusive enthusiast gathering does not disappoint

Luke Munnell
Jul 13, 2018

You no doubt recognize the name from seeing, using, or hearing about their performance-centric tire lineup, and for years Nitto has put much of the brand's emphasis on the very cars you obsess over, taking aim at the enthusiast rather than the SUV crowd.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 s chassis Photo 2/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 S Chassis

So it makes sense that one of the best places to find a diverse and impressive range of vehicles suited for all these performance applications would be at a Nitto Tire-sponsored event, right? Enter the brand's Auto Enthusiast Day: a one-day celebration of all things performance automotive, in the center of U.S. automotive culture, now in its fifth year.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 frs brz 86s Photo 3/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Frs Brz 86S

Nitto may be a brand of a Japanese company, but it's headquartered right here in Southern California, just down the street from ground zero for Auto Enthusiast Day: Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 widebody lexus Photo 4/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Widebody Lexus
Auto enthusiast day 2018 scion frs Photo 5/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Scion Frs

Likewise, while we may know the brand best for its DOT-compliant drag and road-racing radials, they've got a wide and growing range of truck and off-road applications as well. Auto Enthusiast Day brought out a bunch from both sides of that spectrum.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 jeeps Photo 6/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Jeeps
Auto enthusiast day 2018 monster jeep Photo 7/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Monster Jeep

We'll keep the focus on off-road content to a minimum (since we've got the Off-Road group to handle that), but Monster Energy's Ultra4 machines and friends/family turned even our diehard JDM heads, along with plenty more.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 bn sports skyline Photo 8/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Bn Sports Skyline
Auto enthusiast day 2018 skyline Photo 9/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Skyline

As for that JDM stuff, there was plenty of it. Auto Factory Realize's BN Sports-clad R32 Skyline and OSPS Motorsports' Castrol-themed R32 GT-R became two of our instant favs.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 fk8 civic type r Photo 10/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Fk8 Civic Type R
Auto enthusiast day 2018 camo wrapped mitsubishi evo Photo 11/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Camo Wrapped Mitsubishi Evo

Evasive Motorsports' FK8 Honda Civic Type R, Fernando Delaroas's newly re-camo'd Evasive Evo IX ...

Auto enthusiast day 2018 toyota corolla Photo 12/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Toyota Corolla

... And Phong Diep's AE86, are just a few more among a huge group of key cars that left us wanting to see more.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 h22 honda civic Photo 13/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 H22 Honda Civic
Auto enthusiast day 2018 rrydes z Photo 14/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Rrydes Z

And that was only counting the vendor side of the event. What might be called the general admission show brought out plenty more clean, modified rides to satisfy any JDM craving.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 ford focus rs Photo 15/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Ford Focus Rs
016 auto enthusiast day 2018 dodge charger Photo 16/79   |   016 Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Dodge Charger

Is JDM only part of your obsession? You'll be happy to know the enthusiasm of Auto Enthusiast Day spread nearly equally to European and even some domestic makes as well. After all, clean turbo/AWDs are fast no matter where they come from, as is modified late-model muscle ....

Auto enthusiast day 2018 fiat 500 Photo 17/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Fiat 500

... And even the odd flared, turbocharged, track-prepped Fiat 500.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 bimmer Photo 18/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Bimmer

As much static displays and hard-parked machinery as there was to take in, it was all only part of the Auto Enthusiast Day recipe. The rest consisted of Nitto-supported drivers and friends/fam tearing up some tarmac on the event's proving grounds.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 mustangs Photo 19/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Mustangs
Auto enthusiast day 2018 vaughn gitten jr Photo 20/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Vaughn Gitten Jr

Before a crowd of onlookers packed shoulder to shoulder, a few rows deep, along hundreds of yards of fencing, things got really real. Ace drifters Vaughn Gittin Jr., Chelsea DeNofa, and YouTuber Adam LZ manned a trio of RTR Ford Mustangs for some tandem drifting, demos, and ridealongs ...

Auto enthusiast day 2018 matt powers Photo 21/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Matt Powers

... Along with Matt Powers and Alex Heilbrunn in their retired (Powers) and current (Heilbrunn) Formula D competition vehicles.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 ultra 4 Photo 22/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Ultra 4
Auto enthusiast day 2018 maverick Photo 23/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Maverick

Drivers Nick Nelson and Loren Healy in the no. 40 and no. 64 Ultra4 machines also tackled demo duties, adding a launch ramp and some sweet two-wheel Maverick driving in the mix.

One of the coolest moments came when each Ultra4 driver demoed with Vaughn Gittin Jr., jumping over his RTR Ford Mustang demo car as he slid underneath of them ...

Auto enthusiast day 2018 ultra 4 Photo 27/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Ultra 4

... And then rolling smoke and staying at times door-to-door with him for some truly awesome tandem drifts and donuts. Who woulda thought?

Auto enthusiast day 2018 scion frs Photo 28/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Scion Frs

So whether you're looking for a place to see the far-reaching effects of Nitto Tire's mission of putting automotive enthusiasts first, or you just want to check out some of the cleanest modified JDM, Euro, domestic, and off-road makes all in one place, and catch some performance driving demos in the process, Auto Enthusiast Day might be your best bet for finding all of that in one place.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 mazda rx7s Photo 29/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Mazda Rx7s

Check out more from our lenses in the gallery below, and join us next year for another great day.

Auto enthusiast day 2018 afe power booth Photo 42/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Afe Power Booth
Auto enthusiast day 2018 scion frs Photo 67/79   |   Auto Enthusiast Day 2018 Scion Frs
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