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Wheels of Spocom Anaheim 2018

A sampling of the rollers that made it to Spocom's SoCal tour stop

Jul 18, 2018

It's one of the first modifications you reach for when piecing together a new build and it's something you don't want to leave to chance. Instead, you daydream, measure, theorize, and often times completely frustrate yourself with thoughts of what wheels to get and in what particular size to get the look and feel you're after.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 work zistance Photo 2/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Work Zistance

We've witnessed the small wheel craze, oversized wheel mania, and in more recent years the influx of wheels so wide they stretch the very fibers of tires that, in some cases, only offer an inch or two of tire-to-road contact as taxed suspension setups try their hardest to keep things on the straight and narrow. Whether it's a specific style or a performance goal you're after, the wheels you fit to your build can really make or break the finished product.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 work euroline Photo 3/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Work Euroline

At a large event like Spocom Anaheim, you'll find all types of wheels, from the budget, off-the-shelf rollers to the high-end, custom built, and color coordinated setups that can drain a bank account in short order.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 ssr wheels Photo 4/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Ssr Wheels

Here's a glance at just a handful of the wheels we saw on the show floor at Anaheim's Convention Center. For complete event coverage, click here.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 te37 Photo 5/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Te37

Arguably the most popular wheel in the entire import aftermarket, Volk's TE37 has been used in various sizes on every vehicle and color combination you can possibly imagine. So popular in fact, that it's crossed over into European applications as well as off road vehicles and its legend is only growing. Seen here on AutoFashion's Mode Parfume S2000.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 extreme camber Photo 6/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Extreme Camber

While we saw less of the extreme camber applications, that's not to say that it's disappeared. Still found at any car show or meet, the wild camber setups continue to make their presence felt and the arguments for and against it can burn down any car-related social post in a matter of minutes.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 longchamps Photo 7/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Longchamps

Another surprise of the show was this 1946 Willy's Jeep. We're pretty sure you've never seen a set of original SSR Longchamp or the recently re-released Colin Project version of the Longchamp mounted to one of these before.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 ssr professors Photo 8/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Ssr Professors

Speaking of SSR, they're one of the few Japanese wheel manufacturers that allow end users to customize the color of their wheels. Various face and lip combinations are available and they even offer a few different hardware color options as well.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 weld drag wheel Photo 9/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Weld Drag Wheel

Chances are you haven't seen many Weld Racing wheels at your local car show, especially with this much meat in a world of ultra low profile, rubber band-sized tires.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 supra Photo 10/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Supra

The beefy Mickey Thompson's are necessary to handle the 1,100-plus horsepower that this Supra produces as it chases 1/2-mile personal bests.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018sti Photo 11/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018Sti

With the majority of cars at events now sporting much wider track thanks to custom widebody extensions and bolt-on fender flares, wheel and tire sizing, especially for those using air suspension or extremely low ride heights, is crucial. A well calculated formula might look something like this clean STI hatchback that features Work wheels and a massive lip that clears the fender flare without much room to spare.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 carbon rev cr9 Photo 12/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Carbon Rev Cr9

Carbon fiber has been a major part of our community for years. Whether it's a track car shedding every ounce possible or the show car looking for some contrast and additional style, it's used to create hoods, fenders, doors, lips, wings, and more. It shouldn't be any surprise that the lightweight material has made its way into wheel construction, as well, as seen on Bisimoto's Porsche which features Carbon Revolutions ultra-light rollers.

Wheels of spocom anaheim 2018 klutch carbon wheel Photo 13/40   |   Wheels Of Spocom Anaheim 2018 Klutch Carbon Wheel

This Klutch SLC3 model features a carbon look that continues the carbon theme seen on the car's fender and door.

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