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Northern Worthersee 2018

Newish place, same great eclectic mix of Euros from America's Midwest, as the event known simply as "NoWo" turns 5

Sep 28, 2018
Photographer: Ryan Belville Writer: Ryan Belville

Our Detroit, Mich. shooter at large came through with a photo set from the recent Northern Worthersee 2018 (NoWo for short) in Michigan, the premier VAG car event of the summer in the Northern United States. You'll recall we sent him out a couple years ago for NoWo 2016, and while organizers aim to sort of mimic the more established Worthersee in Europe (around since 1981, where it's supposed to be only Volkswagen and Audi fare) the fact of the matter is owners of vehicles from all Euro brands are extended an open invitation to come hang out.

Northern worthersee 2018 Jetta Photo 2/90   |   Northern Worthersee 2018 Jetta

This year's location for NoWo changed ever so slightly. In previous years, the meet was on the grounds of the Bavarian Inn along the bank of the Cass River in Frankenmuth, a little over 90 minutes drive north of Detroit. For 2018, NoWo was still in Frankenmuth, just a little further downriver - at the Satow Pavilion in Heritage Park. And this year's weather was perfect; historically we've encountered rain at this thing (coverage from two years ago was in a downpour) so we were happy to see some sunshine this time around.

Northern worthersee 2018 Bug Photo 6/90   |   Northern Worthersee 2018 Bug

While many were welcomed, this was still a VW/Audi show, and there were a lot - across generations, with some model lines going as far back as the beginning. Type 1 "Beetles" were plentiful and all seemed to have a ton of character and charm. We weren't so much into all the "patina" but it was pretty cool to see some owners dust off their "Bug"-based sandrails and buggies.

Northern worthersee 2018 VW Karmann Ghia Photo 10/90   |   Northern Worthersee 2018 VW Karmann Ghia

Spectators really enjoyed the limbo contest. NoWo staff began with static cars, which the Karmann Ghia ended up winning, but an E36 put up a good fight. Then the contest moved to cars on airbags. The R8 competing in the bagged contest didn't even need to air out for the first few passes. However, it was the Audi TT that was ultimately victorious.

Probably our favorite from the gallery is Joey Jacobs's Audi A4 Avant. Honestly, most times we can't tell one Audi from the next, but Jacobs's wagon was on point, bagged and aired-out on some Vossen VLE-1 wheels. We understand the car was also rewrapped not long ago, switching to Audi's striking Solar Orange hue, which even extends to the Avant's roof box - nice touch!

057 northern worthersee 2018 Jetta Golf Photo 17/90   |   057 Northern Worthersee 2018 Jetta Golf
Northern worthersee 2018 Golf R Photo 18/90   |   Northern Worthersee 2018 Golf R

NoWo 2018 was chill vibes, no-cost admission for spectators, and great weather, which all made for another great experience. See what else grabbed our photographer's attention at the fifth annual Northern Worthersee meet.

Bob Hernandez
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