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2017 Northwest Accord Meet

Love for Honda’s utilitarian commuter car in the Pacific Northwest

Oct 5, 2017
Photographer: Daniel Hill

It was a disappointment to hear earlier this year Cali Accord Meet would not have a sixth annual event in Southern California due to the headache of red tape and bureaucracy organizers faced in securing a location. While CAM vowed to return, at probably a different spot, for the near term the event was put on hold. Luckily, the people who put on the meet – The Accord Collective – already had a second event, the Northwest Accord Meet (NWAM), and our buddy Daniel Hill (remember his not purple CB7?) promised a gallery from the get together.

Set at Griot’s Garage corporate HQ in Tacoma, Wash., Accords from several generations were on tap to take part in the festivities. What follows are some of our faves from NWAM 2017.

2000 honda accord euro r cl1 Photo 2/74   |   2000 Honda Accord Euro R Cl1

Andre’s Hunter’s CL1 Euro-R was shipped from Japan to Canada, and he picked it up literally 20 minutes before arriving at NWAM 2017. The JDM Accord is completely original.

5th gen Photo 6/74   |   5Th Gen

We asked owner Edward Fong for a few words about his CD5 and he gave us a novel! Just kidding, but it is a lot of good info: “I have owned this car since 2001 and used to drag race it at Sacramento Raceway back in college. I then started doing HPDE/open track days in 2005, all while keeping with the factory F22B1 motor and [five-speed transmission] with basic bolt-ons. Over the years, I went through a number of replacement motors but never wanted to stray from the F-series. My friends continuously tried to get me to at first swap to an H-series, then a K-series, and eventually the J-series. I did not want anything to do with it, and was F-series for life. It wasn't until the beginning of this year I was finally convinced to go J-series. The car went down in March. We slowly gathered parts and prepped the car for the transplant over a few months. The actual work started at the beginning of July and was completed a few weeks later. There was a lot of measuring done to make sure the motor lined up and axles were straight before custom brackets were fabricated for the mix-match of mounts used to bolt the motor in. The wiring harness was built by RPM Systems for direct plug and play. This swap would have never been possible without my friends Alex and Alan. Not only for planting the idea, but also for their help and support with the swap.”

2013 accord sport rear Photo 10/74   |   2013 Accord Sport Rear

The front and rear ends of Sergio Iraheta’s 2013 Accord Sport are both pieced together with parts from both a 9 and 9.5 generation Accord (he likes to call it a 9.25). The overall theme for his car was OEM PLUS, in his case mixing a Sport trim with Hybrid and EX-L parts in order to set the car apart from others.

Cd7 h22a Photo 14/74   |   Cd7 H22a

The H22A Euro-R engine and transmission swap in Adan Diaz’s CD7 was completed just hours before he left Southern California for the 1,150-mile journey to Tacoma for NWAM. Built by Werd Werx, the 1995 Accord also rocks Rosco Racing’s RDX injector retrofit, Skunk2 stage 1 camshafts, K-Tuned fuel pressure regulator, custom AN fuel lines, equal length tri-y header, 17x8-inch +32 Work Emotion CR-Kai wheels, and Wilwood 6-piston brake calipers up front.

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