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5 Must See Builds at Wekfest Los Angeles

We asked our friends about their favorite car displayed

Jun 10, 2014
Photographers: Joey Lee, Mike Sabounchi

Wekfest does something that many car shows lack, which is a screening of a car before it can actually participate. What you're left with is nothing but the best. But which were our favorite builds of the show? Sam and I asked a few close friends to help us pick our top five must see builds at Wekfest LA. See below

Canibeat varis scion frs front bumper Photo 2/9   |   Canibeat Varis Scion Frs Front Bumper

Noel Barnum's Varis Scion FR-S

Chosen by: Jofel Tolosa

Why I Like It: "I know what you're thinking, 'Jofel just picked it because he's hella cool with Noel and he also drives an FR-S.' Yes, the latter might be true but not only because of that. I've seen Noel's car go through different stages of modification and it gets better and sexier every time. I still remember the day he brought this car to the More Japan garage sale with just a Five Axis kit, Airex suspension, and SSR mesh wheels. He's done away with the Rocket Bunny kit and went with Varis for his aero styling. Always changing the game Noel."

Phaze2 integra 2 Photo 3/9   |   Photo by Mike Sabounchi

Phaze 2 Mikey's Acura Integra DC2

Chosen by: Sam Du

Why I like It: "Mikey's Integra is cleaner than a doctor's operating table. The Milano red paint is immaculate and under the hood is plenty of chromed out goodness. Mikey and his buddies did an awesome job reassembling the car within a short period of time. Great job guys."

Sam ip acura nsx head lights Photo 7/9   |   Sam Ip Acura Nsx Head Lights

Sam Ip's Acura NSX

Chosen by: Sam Du

Why I Like It: "It's not everyday that you see a supercharged NSX on air."

Rcg acure integra mugen front bumper Photo 8/9   |   Photo by Joey Lee

RC's Garage Red Acura Integra DC2

Chosen by: RJ Devera and Joey Lee

Why I Like It (RJ): "From all Mugen everything to the gold velocity stacked ITB setup and black Mugen MF10s I love how that car is a mix of only the best JDM parts and USDM tuning ethos. It represents a fusion of lifestyles that gives it a very unique personality, which really sets it apart."

Why I Like It (Joey): "Simply put, this is one of the premier Honda/Acura builds in the nation, maybe even the world - in 2014. It's so good that it was unanimously selected as the overall "Best of Show" winner at WFLA."

Honda civic hatchback front bumper Photo 9/9   |   Honda Civic Hatchback Front Bumper

Jason Haradon's Honda Civic

Chosen by: Big Mike

Why I Like It: “Vision. Execution. Details. Those words are the foundation of this build and the reasons behind it becoming timeless instantly. Does it look stock? Good. Now look again... and study.”

Jofel Tolosa
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