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2010 Air Affair - Event

The Pinnacle Of The Air-Ride Scene Takes Place After Hours At H2O International.

Greg Emmerson
Jan 10, 2011
Photographer: Sam Du Writer: Sam Du

There's no denying the popularity of air suspension in the VW/Audi community right now. From our past feature cars to recent show coverage, air bags have spread through the Euro scene like wildfire. And the show where we encounter the largest following of air aficionados is H2O International (et 12/10).

Eurp_1101_01_o+2010_air_affair+golf Photo 2/17   |   2010 Air Affair - Event

Anybody who's attended H2Oi doubtless knows it's more than just a car show. Endless cruising and countless GTGs take place in the city limits, including Air Affair.

Conceived by Jason Sellers of fifteen52 and Andrew Ritter of, this year marked the group's third annual gathering and confirmed the popularity of the air-ride movement.

In '08, the first Air Affair was very small. It attracted only 20 cars on air, but the interest has grown rapidly since then. By the following year, the GTG had moved to Whisker's Pub, five minutes from the H2Oi showground, to accommodate the 125 cars that attended. For 2010, the event exceeded all expectations, with 600 cars piled into the tiny lot. It was so packed, cars were forced to double-park or sit on the grass and was eventually shut down by the Fire Marshall.

This year's GTG gathered more industry support from vendors such as Bag Riders, Open Road Tuning and fifteen52. AirLift also had a major involvement, providing the trophy for Best of Low, which was awarded to Mike Ferreira's '06 GTI.

With so much momentum behind this event, Air Affair will be back next year, and the organizers tell us it might even become a full-blown show in its own right.

By Greg Emmerson
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