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Best Of SEMA '10 - Event

After Filtering Out The Junk, We Found The Best Euros And New Products At The Annual Sema Show.

Greg Emmerson
Feb 1, 2011

Every year the automotive industry gets together to compare the size of their... wheels. Unfortunately, it's not open to the public but it does give tuner shops the opportunity to meet suppliers or find new ones, all while enjoying the pleasures of the Las Vegas location.

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As one of the biggest aftermarket events on the planet, floor space at SEMA is dominated by domestic muscle. On the whole, this represents the cream of the crop, and the mix of extremely well-built muscle cars and hot rods can be appreciated by any motorhead.

To give you an indication of the domestic market's grip on the event, the organizers established the inaugural SEMA Award at the 2010 show. They "relied on the trend-setting influence of exhibitors to determine the winners". They basically considered a booth space as a ballot, and the cars the exhibitors selected represented their vote.

Eurp_1102_04_o+best_of_sema_2010+model Photo 3/48   |   Best Of SEMA '10 - Event

With Hottest Car, Hottest Truck and Hottest 4x4-SUV up for grabs, the awards went to the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford F-Series and Jeep Wrangler, respectively. It's a fairly predictable choice and indicates that none of the European or even Japanese imports can compete in terms of numbers.

Where the Europeans do excel is in the wheel and tire hall, with wheel companies attempt to outdo each other using sicker Ferraris and crazier Porsches than the booth next door.

Eurp_1102_16_o+best_of_sema_2010+models Photo 4/48   |   Best Of SEMA '10 - Event

Yet among the domestic iron and rows of 26" rims was a smattering of quality cars and news parts that are relevant to our Euro tuning tastes. So we trudged the halls and scanned the lots to bring you what we consider the best of SEMA 2010.

By Greg Emmerson
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