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2009 Japanese Classic Car Show

Feb 17, 2010
Photographer: Joey Lee Writer: Joey Lee

October 11 • Linden, New Jersey Wired Electronics While the Honda Fit isn't exactly a powerhouse, Fit enthusiasts are just as hungry as the next guy when it comes to horsepower. In the crisp New Jersey air, a Dynapack 4000 was rolled out for a day of constant measurements as a group of eager Fit fans lined up for their turn to spin the hubs. Highest horsepower of the day numbers went to a K24-equipped Fit producing 217 hp, naturally aspirated. In the boosted segment, an HKS-powered single slammer managed 144hp at factory boost levels; essentially an "out of the box" setup. With positive feedback coming from the crowd, there's no question that another event is in the works for next year. With the popularity of the Fit growing consistently, there's sure to be an even bigger crowd at the next one.

Htup_1003_06_o+2009_japanese_classic_car_show+wide_view Photo 2/6   |   2009 Japanese Classic Car Show

The term "old school" has become used more frequently as of late. As the cars in our community age like fine wine, the term has become a common term to describe early '90s EF Civics, Integras, as well as Accords. Those of us who are in our mid-20s may not consider these to be old because we were around when they first came out, but the current generation sees these cars as guaranteed classics. What they don't really understand is that there was an import community long before these cars came into existence.

Htup_1003_08_o+2009_japanese_classic_car_show+civic_front_view Photo 3/6   |   2009 Japanese Classic Car Show

It wasn't until 2005 when the true Japanese classics got the spotlight that they deserved. Koji and Terry Yamaguchi decided that these classics needed an event of their own, a show based purely on the original Japanese hot rods. Now in its fifth year, the Japanese Classic Car Show has become the biggest old school Japanese car show/event in the United States. In fact, it's so popular that photographers from overseas have even made their way out to see what Americans can do to their classics.

Htup_1003_09_o+2009_japanese_classic_car_show+rims_shot Photo 4/6   |   2009 Japanese Classic Car Show

Held in Hidden Valley Park in Irvine, CA, this year's JCCS had to be the biggest turnout thus far. Compared to the massive number of Toyotas and Nissans at the event, the Honda contingency definitely seemed much smaller. Though outnumbered, this year was actually the best yet for Honda representation. The moment show goers entered,they were immediately greeted with an entire row of restored Honda N600s and N400s.

Htup_1003_11_o+2009_japanese_classic_car_show+civic_wide_shot Photo 5/6   |   2009 Japanese Classic Car Show

A further look into the Honda area revealed a first generation Prelude and an early model Accord with a complete B-series swap. There were also quite a few first-gen CR-Xs as well, including one that was equipped with original black Mugen CF48s. Sure, the Honda crowd won't be able to compete with the rest of the makes for a few more years, but the numbers are steadily growing-we'll soon have our chance.

Htup_1003_16_o+2009_japanese_classic_car_show+crx_front_shot Photo 6/6   |   2009 Japanese Classic Car Show
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