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Norm Reeves Honda Car Show - Event

Mar 11, 2010

December 5th - Orange, CA
Greg Park of, with help from the crew at BDL Industries, hosted the annual BBQ and meet. The event is well known for displaying some of the finest S2000s in all of Southern California, and this year's gathering was no different. The early morning fog was split by a convoy of heavily modified roadsters sporting high-end aero, expensive rolling stock, and deep breathing power plants. Although the weather was cold (by SoCal standards) and gloomy, the turnout was overwhelming with plenty of eye candy to fill the business park concrete. A little comedic relief was offered by Greg with the awards ceremony trophies. Categories like "most worn out soft top" and "most likely never to win a race" were light-hearted and supported the relaxed atmosphere surrounding this tight knit community. Log on to and for future S2000 events, and help support the growing S2000 movement.

Htup_1004_02_o+norm_reeves_honda_car_show+s2k_front_bumper Photo 2/15   |   Norm Reeves Honda Car Show - Event

4th Annual Norm Reeves Honda Car Show & Toy Drive
The Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in Cerritos, CA, held their 4th annual Honda car show. Though small in size compared to larger events like the Eibach meet, it's the only other highly anticipated all-Honda Southern California gathering every year. Last year's was held during the California wildfires and the show was covered in ash yet still managed to bring out some of SoCal's best Hondas.

Htup_1004_35_o+norm_reeves_honda_car_show+motor_shot Photo 9/15   |   Norm Reeves Honda Car Show - Event

This year's event was special because it was also for charity. Car show registrants only had to provide a wrapped toy as an entry fee. Canned foods were accepted by all attendees in exchange for raffle tickets. Prizes included goods from HKS, Falken Tire, and Honda Factory Performance.

The show was held at a fully operational Honda dealership so it's not your usual 5-7 hour car show. It was short and sweet and provided more than enough time to check out the Hondas in attendance. Bisi of Bisimoto fame brought out his soon-to-be legendary 700hp Civic Wagovan that was truly a sight to see. The DPK crew brought out their Sunday best, and the neck breaking Sorcery widebody NSX from Phaze2 was also in attendance.

The theme of the show this year had to be the wheels. Offset and stretched tires are hot right now and a plethora of Hondas were sporting low offset wheels and a hammered stance. Old school wheel whores missed out if they weren't in attendance. SSR Superfins, EX-C Neos, and Dori Dori mesh wheels are just a small example of what was on display.

It's always good to have smaller events like this because it really shows how tight the Honda community is, especially when it's for a charitable cause. No car show is complete without trophies and Norm Reeves provided awards for each respective model of Honda and everyone went home happy. See you next year!


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BDL Industries
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Norm Reeves Honda
Cerritos, CA 90703
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