NSX 20th Anniversary Meet The NSX crowd is, at most times, a tight knit group of enthusiasts. They share an affinity for a car that will no doubt go down in history as one of the greatest sports cars every created: the NSX. We could go on and on about how incredible this car is, even in stock form. About how it introduced the U.S. consumer to some little engine doo-dad called "VTEC." How this car's name shows up on more HT tech sheets under "Dream Car" than any other-but you already know all of that. What you might have forgotten, however, is that the NSX is now 20 years old. To mark the occasion, NSX Club of America members journeyed to Las Vegas the week prior to SEMA to meet, greet, and celebrate the sultry seductress. From bone stock to heavily modified, NSXPO 2010 included multiple cruise and meet up spots, a track day, available dyno testing, and most importantly, hanging with other NSX fanatics. Our own July, 2010 NSX cover car owner, Tony Khamly was on hand to grab a few photos and share in the fun. Drool over the pics, then start thinking of ways to increase your income so you can join in on the NSX goodness.