Wek’Fest LA, or more specifically, Long Beach, California, didn’t seem to be an overwhelming success in 2011 when compared to the monumental numbers that Wek’Fest SF consistently pulls. Nevertheless, the Wek’Fest team, after throwing events in various parts of the country over the last year, journeyed back to the Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach for a rematch with SoCal show-goers. Whether it was the word of mouth and social media advertising or the mere increase in display vehicles, this year’s SoCal event was an undeniable success. High-end show cars, a few race vehicles, well-recognized vendors, and plenty of foot traffic culminated in an event that’s almost guaranteed to be a yearly classic in SoCal. For information on the next Wek’Fest event, log on to wekfest.com for locations, dates, and times.