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Import DPS Honda Day - 10 Years Strong!

Import DPS Honda Day Presented by VRace Works hits a milestone

Nov 1, 2012
Photographer: Henry Z. DeKuyper
Htup 1301 01 o+import DPS honda day+VRace works booth Photo 1/76   |   Import DPS Honda Day - 10 Years Strong!

Ten years in the automotive enthusiast circle is a long time no matter how you look at it. That sentiment rings especially true in regard to events. Sure, there are some show and race series that have been around for a decade, but they’re not pulling anywhere near the numbers that Honda Day is.

Javier Ortega is the brains behind the operation and is no stranger to organizing mega shows. He’s been putting together large-scale events since 1996, and his track record speaks for itself. A fan of Hondas for a number of years, there’s no mistaking where his love lies. He adds, “I have to say that the automotive event that I’m most proud of is Honda Day. It targets a brand of cars that I love, and the energy around it is an incredible feeling!”

Htup 1301 26 o+import DPS honda day+custom domo hood Photo 2/76   |   HTUP-130100-DAY2-072-073

Now in its 10th year, Honda Day has undoubtedly eclipsed all expectations and cemented itself as the largest Honda-specific event in the world. A tall feat when you consider the number of blockbuster meets and shows gaining momentum and taking place all over the globe.

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, better known as “E-Town,” played host to the two-day event that included a packed car show, intense drag action, and well over 20,000 attendees throughout the weekend. Vendors, models, action on the main stage, and anything else you can imagine filled the weekend celebration. As usual, the surrounding streets were once again overflowing throughout most of the day as enthusiasts who didn’t camp out or show up at the break of dawn inched their way into the venue for a glimpse at this historic event. It goes without saying that the tradition will continue and you can keep tabs on the next event via the Honda Day website. Don’t miss out!

Htup 1301 04 o+import DPS honda day+honda ruckuses Photo 9/76   |   Import DPS Honda Day - 10 Years Strong!
Htup 1301 16 o+import DPS honda day+honda civic Photo 16/76   |   HTUP-130100-DAY2-072-073
Htup 1301 36 o+import DPS honda day+s2000 Photo 23/76   |   HTUP-130100-DAY2-072-073
Htup 1301 38 o+import DPS honda day+EK civic Photo 30/76   |   HTUP-130100-DAY2-072-073
Htup 1301 48 o+import DPS honda day+integra drag car Photo 37/76   |   HTUP-130100-DAY2-072-073
Htup 1301 46 o+import DPS honda day+EG civic drag car Photo 47/76   |   HTUP-130100-DAY2-072-073
Htup 1301 23 o+import DPS honda day+civic coupe Photo 57/76   |   HTUP-130100-DAY2-072-073
Htup 1301 61 o+import DPS honda day+driveshaft shop civic Photo 67/76   |   HTUP-130100-DAY2-072-073


Honda Day
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