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Wek'Fest Edison New Jersey - Wek’Fest Invades The East!

New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center

Sean Bradford
Mar 28, 2013
Htup 1303 01+WekFest edison new jersey+RSX front bumper Photo 1/18   |   Clean RSX at Wekfest New Jersey.

Aug. 26, 2012 - Edison, NJ

Spreading their wings once again, the Wek'Fest staff continued their tour, making their way east to New Jersey. Plenty of word-of-mouth advertising via the forums and other social media outlets culminated in a massive turnout and show attendees from all over the Midwest and East Coast. Those not living in the area may have underestimated the level of build quality as the event displayed some of the cleanest, most well-built cars around, regardless of coast or region. With the success of the 2012 event, there's little doubt that the Wek'Fest crew will be back next year. Keep tabs on the tour website to see if your city will be next.

Htup 1303 07 o+WEkFest edison new jersey+honda civics Photo 2/18   |   HTUP-130300-EAST-
Htup 1303 02+WekFest edison new jersey+acura NSX BBS Photo 6/18   |   Acura NSX on some BBS wheels
Htup 1303 10 o+WEkFest edison new jersey+new jersey convention exposition center Photo 10/18   |   HTUP-130300-EAST-
Htup 1303 06 o+WEkFest edison new jersey+honda del sol Photo 14/18   |   HTUP-130300-EAST-
Htup 1303 04 o+WEkFest edison new jersey+integra type r Photo 18/18   |   HTUP-130300-EAST-


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