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Eibach Meet 2013

All Hondas, All-Day Long

May 28, 2013
Htup 1305 12+eibach honda meet 2013+honda verno integra Photo 1/15   |   Htup 1305 12+Eibach Honda Meet 2013+Honda Verno Integra

In case anyone out there was thinking that the Honda tuning community isn't what it used to be, one pass through the recent Eibach Meet held at Lake Elsinore, California's Diamond Stadium would no doubt put all that smack talk to rest. There are still untold numbers of Honda enthusiasts out there pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into their rides, and they were out in force at the Eibach Meet.

Usually held at the Eibach headquarters, Diamond Stadium instead seemed like a more proper venue for what's considered the original and biggest all-Honda meet in the U.S. Roughly 700 cars were showcased in all and literally thousands of spectators flocked to the small lakeside town. This wouldn't be possible without the efforts of Honda Tuning editor Matt Rodriguez and Ryan Hoegner, who were the pioneers of the now legendary meet.

Htup 1305 16+eibach honda meet 2013+michael mao nsx Photo 2/15   |   Htup 1305 16+Eibach Honda Meet 2013+Michael Mao Nsx

HASport did an amazing job hosting an engine and transmission swap demo during the event. Of course Integras and Civics easily outnumbered the other Honda models, but that didn't stop a handful of Preludes, S2000s, and NSXs from coming out. The Toyo Tires booth had an elite lineup of cars which included Michael Mao's NSX, John Marinas' NSX, Luigi Arroyo's J's Racing inspired S2000, and Ben's Top Secret S2000.

Htup 1305 09+eibach honda meet 2013+.cream eg6 civic Photo 3/15   |   Htup 1305 09+Eibach Honda Meet 2013+.Cream Eg6 Civic

Honda enthusiasts may have the biggest egos in the industry, but when it boils down to it many of them have become masters at their craft. While there was some groaning about the venue, high entrance fees, and the parking situation, I guarantee thousands will come again next year. And even the Honda haters out there would no doubt appreciate the engineering and heritage of it all if they came out to see it next year.

Htup 1305 02+eibach honda meet 2013+nsx s2000 Photo 4/15   |   Htup 1305 02+Eibach Honda Meet 2013+Nsx S2000
Htup 1305 07+eibach honda meet 2013+asm s2000 Photo 8/15   |   Htup 1305 07+Eibach Honda Meet 2013+Asm S2000
Htup 1305 01+eibach honda meet 2013+bulletproof automotive s2000 Photo 12/15   |   Htup 1305 01+Eibach Honda Meet 2013+Bulletproof Automotive S2000
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The one event you can always count on to bring out exceptional quality, plenty of variety, and historic Japanese vehicles that you've either never heard of or only viewed in photos.
RodrezSep 18, 2018
Compared to last year's show, the 2018 Eibach Ohio Meet was a frigid slosh-fest. Yet despite the weather, Honda fans still managed to link up and celebrate what makes Honda so special.
Micah WrightSep 18, 2018
The number of Hondas at JCCS just seems to grow year after year
RodrezSep 17, 2018
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