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A Ride with Signature Car Collection - Ballin' in NY - Web Exclusive

Charles Trieu
May 19, 2011
Photographer: Jules Rha for Signature Car Collection

Recently on my trip New York International Auto Show, while hanging out with our friends from ID Agency, I had the privilege of being introduced to the guys at Signature Car Collection. And what does hanging out with SCC mean? Um, it means me and my fellow goons had a chance to discover the surface of lower Manhattan in cars like a Lamborghini LP640, Ferrari California, Ferrari F430 Spider, Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Bentley GTC, and a Maserati GranCabrio Sport.

Impp 1105 01 o+signature car collection exotic rentals+aston martin DB9 volante Photo 2/18   |   A Ride with Signature Car Collection - Ballin' in NY - Web Exclusive

So how does SCC have all these cars and what does it take to get one of your own? Easy, SCC is basically an upscale car rental company. With everything from an M3 up to a Bentley, they have pretty much everything you could want in the sports car and luxury automotive realm. And no, this is not just for guys like me who can't afford the cars. The exotics are rented by people whom have similar cars and are in town for business or pleasure, and just want to drive the same car they have back in their own garage. On the other hand, the service is also sought out by upscale New Yorkers that don't want to own such a vehicle. It's pretty much unnecessary to own a car in NY yet something like these. So some just rent one when they need to treat themselves out. Another reason for renting such a machine, is for potential buyers. Those types of dealerships don't always allow for a test drive, and test drives don't last long enough for you to really feel the car anyway. So before dropping a quarter million on a car, potential buyers can drive the car for the weekend at less than a hundredth of the price.

SCC is not made up of a bunch of suits and ties from Manhattan either. These guys are as laid back as you and me. Marcello Bommarito, the owner of SCC, has had a long family history with Ferrari. Along with him, his crew's resume has a history working for Lamborghini and Ferrari dealerships. These guys are car enthusiasts whom love and appreciate true driving machines. Sharing their cars with others is what they do.

Impp 1105 07 o+signature car collection exotic rentals+ferrari f430 spider Photo 3/18   |   A Ride with Signature Car Collection - Ballin' in NY - Web Exclusive

"Treat yourself, don't cheat yourself", someone once told me. And that's exactly what you should do next time you're in NY or NJ. Whether it's a birthday gift to yourself, your wedding day, or just because you know you'll never own one; everyone should experience an exotic once in their life, even if only for a day. For a list of their fleet and rates check out their site.


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