For those of you not entirely clear on the behind-the-scenes drama of your favorite import shows over the past decade or so, we’ll boil it down for you: there were a ton of them, most owned and then sold . . . and then occasionally bought back again by the same few people. Spawned by the creators of Hot Import Nights (back when it was awesome), Remix—now in its second year—kicked off the ’11 season by returning to Del Mar Fairgrounds, just outside of San Diego, CA, considered by many as the birthplace of the import show. Known more as a piggyback event to the XDC drift series (also the brainchild of said former HIN owners), this was one of the few stand-alone shows in Remix history, and where Del Mar shows of past drew crowds of 250K, Remix’s ’11 opener, well . . . was quite a bit smaller. No worries—the cars in attendance were clean (for the most part), the girls hot (for the most part), and the recipe right. Give it time.