Mitsubishi Motors recently hosted its 6th Annual Mitsubishi Owner’s Day at their Cypress, CA, headquarters. Mitsubishi owners and fans from across the nation gathered to enjoy the numerous exhibits/vendors, food, and activities while sharing their passion for all things Mitsubishi. Hundreds of different model and generation cars, including Starions, Eclipses, EVOs, 3000GTs, Lancers, and Mirages, filled the parking lot with modifications ranging from mild to wild. Mitsubishi played their part in hyping up the crowds with a sneak peek at the ’12 Eclipse SE‚ the last Eclipse ever to be released after 22 years in production, vintage vehicles, and their soon-to-be-released “environmentally friendly” iMiEV electric vehicles. Due to popular demand, Road Race Engineering (RRE) once again sponsored this year’s dyno contest as participants pushed their cars to the ragged edge in an attempt to own bragging rights of delivering the highest horsepower for the day.