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Canibeat: First Class Fitment

Princeton Airport, NJ

Kyle Crawford
May 3, 2012
Photographer: Michael Russo
Impp 1204 16 o+canibeat first class fitment+cars Photo 1/27   |   Canibeat: First Class Fitment

The fall season is a time of beauty and transition for the Northeast portion of the United States. The leaves change color, temperatures drop, animals begin gathering food for their winter hibernation, and an incredibly diverse group of quality lowered automobiles gather at Princeton Airport in Princeton, NJ. Marking their second year of flooding the web with seamless automotive culture coverage, put on their, now annual, show First Class Fitment.

Impp 1204 01 o+canibeat+first class fitment Photo 2/27   |   Canibeat: First Class Fitment

The morning started out quiet, amidst the sun rising on the airstrip, as vendor and sponsor tents were set up. Soon after, cars began to filter on the scene in all their modified glory—scraping, shining, and growling. With hundreds of cars registered and accepted for the show, many more hopefuls scattered the surrounding business parking lots of the airport. The seemingly never-ending line of Liberty VIP cars showed up fashionably late, all cleaned up, bagged down, and inching forward. All types of cars represented the East Coast’s fitment movement, from a gorgeous static dropped BMW so low it’s a wonder how it moves, to an R35 GT-R. There were S15 Silvias, S2000s, Subarus, and EVOs rounding out the Japanese entries. Porsches, Audis, and almost every generation of GTI represented for the Euros. Even domestics showed up, all with the same flawless attention to detail and remarkable stanced treatment.

Being a car show, FCF has a competition for “Best of . . .” categories including Best Crew, Best Euro, and Best JDM, just to name a few. What is the reward for winning such an illustrious award? A pearlescent center disc from one of the show’s sponsors, CCW, uniquely mounted on wooden plaques with engraved categories. The Best of Show award included a mounted polished outer lip as well. The “Best of Show” ceremony was held at the end of the day, where the award was given to Brendan Kennedy’s Q45. Sadly, Brendan died in a motorcycle accident a week prior to the show. Dreamakers Kustoms, who did all the work on Brendan’s car, brought it down to showcase the new look in his honor. Even though Brendan never got to see the finished product, it deservedly won the award.

Impp 1204 11 o+canibeat first class fitment+nissan GTR Photo 13/27   |   Canibeat: First Class Fitment

Big thanks to the sponsors: CCW,, Futurewalk Entertainment,, Liberty VIP Car Club, Mishimoto, Open Road Tuning, SNTRL, and Weksos.

Impp 1204 08 o+canibeat first class fitment+wheel Photo 7/27   |   Canibeat: First Class Fitment
Impp 1204 15 o+canibeat+first class fitment Photo 17/27   |   Canibeat: First Class Fitment
Impp 1204 12 o+canibeat first class fitment+SSR wheel Photo 27/27   |   Canibeat: First Class Fitment


By Kyle Crawford
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