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Osaka Auto Messe

Brian Connell
Jul 31, 2012
Photographer: Christopher Jue
Impp 1207 01 o+osaka auto messe+top secret booth Photo 1/14   |   IMPP-120700-OAM

In mid February, Osaka held its annual Osaka Auto Messe car show at INTEX (International Exhibition Space) Osaka. This annual car show draws tuners, manufacturers, and enthusiasts from across Asia. This is a chance for aftermarket part manufacturers to show their newest products to both their competition and their clients. With over 200 companies, 1,000 booths, and 450 cars, Auto Messe never fails to attract numerous quality vendors. Over 200,000 spectators can't go wrong.

Impp 1207 02 o+osaka auto messe+subaru STI Photo 2/14   |   IMPP-120700-OAM

Auto Messe is more than just a car show; it's also a "dress-up" show as described on their advertising. Each vendor had at least one model (mostly cosplay) posing alongside the cars. It's pretty obvious that they add to the appeal of the show.

As expected, everyone brought their "A game". Among the cars were a pair of Subarus by Prova, the Subaru aftermarket parts manufacturer. They brought a really slick sky blue and equally spotless white Impreza. Close to them was Gazoo Racing's incredibly hot Lexus IS CCS-R in a black and orange paint scheme. Also within the expansive exhibition hall was Top Secret's display. They brought their polished-and-primed twin-turbo Skyline GT-R with the rebuilt and tuned V-6.

The Osaka Auto Messe isn't just for the rich and spoiled. GT-R Magazine showcased two of their later-model '90s Skylines. The pair looked factory fresh and impeccably detailed, as if they hadn't ever left the showroom floor. Both vehicles are actually several years old and have seen their day on the track. This pair proved that tuning and having a fine eye for detail isn't just for the newest and more expensive models, but that it's all about having pride in your work and your ride.

Impp 1207 05 o+osaka auto messe+booth model Photo 6/14   |   IMPP-120700-OAM

On top of that, a large concert outside the exhibition center also serves as a draw to the Osaka Auto Messe. The concert features a few AVEX (a large recording label in Japan) artist performances. Judging by the thousands of people watching the performers and singers, it's clearly a draw in itself.

From the prototypes and ultra exotics to the daily drivers and mini "kei" cars, the Osaka Auto Messe never disappoints. It is an event for every car and tuning enthusiast as well as those with just a small interest in autos. Oh, and the numerous cosplay models doesn't hurt either.

Impp 1207 07 o+osaka auto messe+toyota 86 Photo 10/14   |   IMPP-120700-OAM
Impp 1207 11 o+osaka auto messe+lexus LFA Photo 11/14   |   IMPP-120700-OAM
By Brian Connell
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