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Wekfest Los Angeles

Queen Mary Park - Long Beach, CA

Charles Trieu
Nov 1, 2012
Impp 1210 01 o+wekfest+los angeles+queen mary park Photo 1/34   |   Wekfest Los Angeles

NorCal’s hottest car show comes back to SoCal in full effect. Outdoor at the Queen Mary Park in the city of Strong Beach, over 4,000 people came through to see over 400 of the West Coast’s best. Wekfest has really become a staple in the show circuit. This year the guys of Weksos will be bringing Wekfest to new cities like Austin and even out the East Coast in New Jersey.

Impp 1210 15 o+wekfest los angeles+deep dish wheel Photo 2/34   |   Wekfest Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a show with real and pure car enthusiasts, this is it. If you’re anywhere near one of the show locations make sure you come through. You won’t be disappointed.

Impp 1210 30 o+wekfest los angeles+honda civic hatchback Photo 9/34   |   IMPP-121000-WEK-070-073-
Impp 1210 29 o+wekfest los angeles+honda civic coupe Photo 13/34   |   IMPP-121000-WEK-070-073-
Impp 1210 32 o+wekfest los angeles+toyota MR2 Photo 20/34   |   IMPP-121000-WEK-070-073-
Impp 1210 31 o+wekfest los angeles+EK honda civic Photo 24/34   |   IMPP-121000-WEK-070-073-
Impp 1210 03 o+wekfest los angeles+nissan GT R Photo 28/34   |   IMPP-121000-WEK-070-073-
By Charles Trieu
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