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Blox Racing Open House 2013

A day of cars, girls, food, and charity

Jul 17, 2013
Blox open house rocket bunny Scion FRS 11 Photo 1/13   |   Blox Open House Rocket Bunny Scion FRS 11


  • Blox's 4th annual open house
  • An LS1 RX-7 and a RWD Integra
  • Raising awareness for the Wheels and Meals charity organization

For the past four years Blox Racing has been throwing one of the biggest car events held in NorCal, the Blox Open House. The company has only been around since 2003, but since then they have been manufacturing top notch aftermarket parts for the sport compact car industry. Every year the open house seemed to get bigger and bigger. So this year they shut down Westinghouse Dr. and Hammond Ave. in Fremont, California and turned it into a car show/ street fair. Think farmer's market for gearheads. The event was just a block away from the Blox Racing headquarters.

Blox open house white work meister 02 Photo 2/13   |   Blox Open House White Work Meister 02
Blox open house LS1 RX7 FD 01 Photo 3/13   |   Blox Open House LS1 RX7 FD 01

They say SoCal is the mecca of the car scene, but perhaps that title might change after seeing the cars at Blox. Take for example, JR's RX-7 with a nice subtle 99 Spec front. Sure some RX-7 enthusiasts might be pissed at what lies under his hood for the sake of "correctness of form," but come on it's an LS1 with an LS6 Pro Charger. Redic! When asked why he went with this engine Jr. simply responded, "To make it reliable! Easy as that."

Blox open house rwd integra Photo 7/13   |   Blox Open House Rwd Integra

Another extreme car there was the Ziggy Built DC2 Acura Integra. This isn't your ordinary Integra, not by a long shot. At first glance you see the engine lying longitudinally, the next thing you notice it's neither a B series nor K series engine, and then you see the license plate "RWD DC2." Yes, this Integra has been converted into rear-wheel-drive, it's powered by an S2000 motor, and it's turbo charged. Mind blown.

Blox open house Laguna Seca Blue Evo 06 Photo 8/13   |   Blox Open House Laguna Seca Blue Evo 06

If that didn't do it for you, one walk down the line of cars Speed Element brought is definitely a game changer. A majority of the cars have already been featured in sister publication Super Street Magazine such as Jay's Laguna Seca Blue Lancer Evolution which would usually be rocking a Varis Ver. 2 bumper, but that day he had a milder set up.

The Blox Racing Open House 2013 is a free event, and if you're not into cars the food trucks or import models would sure be the ones to reel you in. What many people don't know is that the event is actually to raise awareness for the Wheels and Meals organization. It's one thing to throw a sick car event, but it becomes special when it's for a charity organization that provides meals at senior citizen centers.

Blox open house Model 12 Photo 9/13   |   Blox Open House Model 12

Props to you Blox Racing, we can't wait for next year!

Blox open house 03 Photo 10/13   |   Blox Open House 03
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