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JDM Supercars of Spocom 2016

Where the elite come together under one roof

Jul 25, 2016

There are JDM cars and then there are the immensely cooler JDM supercars. We’re all guilty of wanting them at some point in our lives, and while scouring through the 10th annual Spocom show at the Anaheim Convention Center we noticed JDM supercars were few and far between – almost like trying to find an Articuno in Pokemon Go (Nerd alert! – Rodrez).

Top secret supra Photo 2/19   |   Top Secret Supra

It was hard to ignore the presence of car team Auto Concept Elite, especially the cars that came out of retirement, such as the Top Secret-inspired Toyota Supra or Jon Magelssen’s widebody Kazama RX-7. “We always wanted to make a comeback, but it was just hard to make time. When we show, we like to plan it right, not just brings cars. Anybody can do that. We as a team wanted to win,” Jon says. “I think people forgot the basics of fixing up cars. It’s not just looking good, it’s the overall look and function. It takes time to build a car and you need to love cars to do that.”

Nissan gtr hks turbo Photo 3/19   |   Nissan Gtr Hks Turbo

On the other end of the spectrum, Jesse Sabater brought out cutting-edge technology with his Nissan GT-R. Jesse says, “Spocom is one of the most anticipated shows of the year, and that show always brings out top quality builds.”

His GT-R went through an extreme makeover since last year, with an HKS turbo upgrade, engine rebuild and recently an Endless monoblock front and rear brake upgrade. At the end of the day Jesse took home the coveted Spocom Best of Show honors.

Toyota supra ridox Photo 4/19   |   Toyota Supra Ridox

Some of the most recent builds include Felix’s ’01 Nissan Skyline R34. Most of his modifications are cosmetic at this point, including a Nismo front bumper, hood, lip, Z Tune fenders and hyper green Volk TE37s. “It was the ‘ultimate’ car to have. I’ve been wanting this car since I was 12 years old playing Gran Turismo. I just love the overall appearance and what the car stands for,” Felix tells us. You might recognize Enrique Munoz’s Toyota Supra with its clean engine bay, but since his feature he’s been hard at work putting the final touches on the interior.

The name Spocom was derived from the words “sport” and “compact” and the show is a testament to generations of hard work from those who deal with smaller, athletic vehicles. Call us fanboys, but even with a packed show of over 600 vehicles and sketchy looking models, it’s the JDM supercars that will always steal the show.

Jofel Tolosa
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