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Spocom Anaheim 2018 Part I

Another year, another SoCal car show staple returns

Jul 15, 2018
Photographer: Bob Hernandez

Jam packed with car shows year after year, SoCal fans made no qualms about making the drive, putting up the money, and as a bonus, getting a break from the sweltering temps that have blanketed the region for weeks in order to take in another huge car show. And for the last 12 years, Spocom has served as a staple among the group of shows and meets that seem to fall almost back-to-back during the summer months.

White nsx profile Photo 2/102   |   White Nsx Profile

Not unlike other large-scale shows, you'll find an array of display vehicles that range from average to incredible, or from "What the hell is that doing here?" to "Wow, I need to spend some time going over this one." Along with the cars on display you're also greeted by a number of vendor booths - many of which bring with them a booth vehicle to show off their latest wares. Some brands also rely heavily on booth models to bring in the crowds as well, and if that's your thing, there's a section of ladies signing autographs not far from the stage that caters to both the DJ and the urban dance competition. Of course, where there are models, there's sure to be socially awkward photogs on hand for a variety of uncomfortable situations that we tend to steer clear from entirely. Now, back to the cars...

Turbonetics z hood Photo 3/102   |   Turbonetics Z Hood

One of the best surprises of the day was the number of high performance offerings. We expected a large number of wild show cars with very little done under the hood, but were ecstatic when we ran across a few purpose-built cars that were done extremely well. While both types of cars are appreciated, it's rare that we stumble upon actual track cars, clean enough to not only hold their own at a show like Spocom but able to stand out considerably, pulling in a large portion of the foot traffic as the day wore on.

Hako GTX.JPG Photo 4/102   |   Hako GTX

Due to economic fluctuations over the last few decades, the import enthusiast market has seen as many highs as it has lows, and the car show industry saw quite a few casualties. Some fell off while others, like Spocom, have managed to wade through rough waters and seem to have made their way to solid ground as the number of registered cars and attendees has only increased with these larger events that also incorporate a state-to-state tour. Don't want to miss the next one? Keep tabs on upcoming events at

Autofashion booth Photo 5/102   |   Autofashion Booth
Autofashion lexus gs Photo 6/102   |   Autofashion Lexus Gs

AutoFashion USA made arguably the largest impact at Spocom Anaheim with a massive booth, housing multiple builds, some of which you've seen via previous event coverage as well as the pages of Super Street, like this GS 300.

Blue lexus sedan Photo 7/102   |   Blue Lexus Sedan
Mode parfume s2000 Photo 8/102   |   Mode Parfume S2000

Steve Wong took a break from tracking his fifth-gen. Civic and brought out his SSR-equipped LS 400 to display with the AutoFashion crew. Not far away, AF's Mode Parfume-kitted S2K that made its debut at SEMA Show last year was on hand after having recently hit the track for some seat time.

Slammed toyota van Photo 9/102   |   Slammed Toyota Van
Black sienna van Photo 10/102   |   Black Sienna Van

Slammed minivans have been all the rage in Japan for quite some time and some of that has rubbed off on the U.S. enthusiast market in small batches. This Sienna impressed the hell out of us with its slammed yet tasteful stance, well thought out exterior theme, and most importantly its supercharged engine setup!

Hks top mount intercooler Photo 11/102   |   Hks Top Mount Intercooler
Hks supercharger Photo 12/102   |   Hks Supercharger

Designed by HKS for use with just about any Toyota using a 2GR-FE for motivation, the kit relies on a Rotrex supercharger and a top-mount intercooler that makes for versatile packaging into most bays.

Rovi removable dash cam Photo 13/102   |   Rovi Removable Dash Cam

One of the coolest new products we saw during the event wasn't performance or aesthetic related at all, but more in line with safety and peace of mind. Rovi is the brand and they've released a compact dash cam packed with features like wifi connection to view recorded content, 1080HD recording the ability to record outside the car or inside, and it can actually be removed from its perch entirely via magnetic connection.

Rovi gps connection Photo 14/102   |   Rovi Gps Connection

With about an hour of internal battery stored, you can take it outside your vehicle in the event you need to record damage, someone’s license plate, etc. There's even a GPS option to give you exact whereabouts during recordings or keep tabs on your lap times at the track (GPS version shown with cord that attaches magnetically).

Black toyota supra front Photo 15/102   |   Black Toyota Supra Front
Polished supra engine bay Photo 16/102   |   Polished Supra Engine Bay

You can never have enough Supras on hand and Spocom delivered a few for fans and fan boys (ourselves included) to drool over.

Toyota supra 2jz Photo 17/102   |   Toyota Supra 2Jz
Red mkiv supra rear Photo 18/102   |   Red Mkiv Supra Rear

And that includes this beast of a MkIV that had some serious hardware sitting in its bay. Rumblings of well over 1,000hp could be heard in the R1 Concepts booth and we're hoping to get a little more info soon on this beauty.

Mcleod clutch booth Photo 19/102   |   Mcleod Clutch Booth
Mcleod clutch display Photo 20/102   |   Mcleod Clutch Display

McLeod Racing was on hand with a booth that featured this fifth-gen. hatch that you've no doubt seen in our VTEC Club USA track event coverage, as well as a few of their high-end clutches and flywheels. Shown here are their Honda S2000 Mag Force and FR-S/BRZ offerings.

Mcleod 350z g35 clutch Photo 21/102   |   Mcleod 350Z G35 Clutch

And here is Macleod Street Supreme for the 350Z and G35 that's good for 650lbs ft. of torque!

Evos CSF booth.JPG Photo 22/102   |   Evos CSF Booth
Ravi evo engine bay Photo 23/102   |   Ravi Evo Engine Bay

The CSF Radiator booth is a good example of high-performance, race-focused builds making their way into the show realm. Ravi Dolwani's white Evo showed up at last year’s SEMA Show with custom bits from the likes of Sheepey Race, Rywire, and a host of others. Since then the car has been tuned, recently hit Shift Sector, and is almost ready to hit the track. Before that happens and the car potentially takes any damage, you'll see it in the pages of SS.

Csf evo red Photo 24/102   |   Csf Evo Red
Sheepey race evo turbo Photo 25/102   |   Sheepey Race Evo Turbo

Sergio Miranda's Evo 9 is one we haven't seen before and that might be because it's been down for a bit being reworked. The wait was worth it as the hood-exit Sheepey Race turbo components, aggressive CCWs, and overall attention to detail had us coming back for more.

Corrado.JPG Photo 26/102   |   Corrado
Corrado head lights.JPG Photo 27/102   |   Corrado Head Lights

We're not sure the last time we ran across a Corrado but Josh Linburg’s from J’s Speed Shop – extremely detailed – had us missing VW's sporty three-door.

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