We still hold firm to our belief that if you're going to have the biggest gathering of Mitsubishi cars and their rightful owners in one place, in this great big world, that you'd better add the Tredia to the mix. But no, our calls to action continue to go unanswered, instead beat down by the popular models that attack our public highways, road racing courses and the occasional drag strip. Cars like the Lancer Evolution and its highly unnoticed siblings, the Lancer; Eclipses of all generations, turbocharged and not; the 3000GTs, Starions and Galants that have long been discontinued, yet adored to this day - they traveled far but mostly near, to be with their brothers and sisters for the fifth consecutive year of MOD, or as the old folks generally say: Mitsubishi Owners Day. The biggest meeting yet, the lot filled early with many late model Evos in both the vendor and owners areas, demonstrating the loyal following the car so righteously deserves. Road Race Engineering's mobile dyno was on site again and AMS Performance's monster Evo 9 laid down the highest horsepower output with 1,138hp. Jim Russell Racing Drivers School also announced the biggest news of the meet with the new Lancer Evolution Experience driving school, where you can learn racing fundamentals at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California in a stock version Evo X; even we hope to get up to the school soon to see how great the class will be and how we can improve our skills on the track. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves at this year's MOD, like many others. But to truly win our hearts (and yes, we're talking to you Moe), we need one single space left reserved for the almighty Tredia. Oh, where art thou?