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2011 Tokyo Auto Salon - Trend Check

See what’s up and coming in japan

Sean Klingelhoefer
May 13, 2011

One of the best parts of Auto Salon is getting to see what trends are emerging from Japan. It’s no secret that we like to mimic the JDM style so pay close attention to see what’s hot, what’s new and what’s still on and poppin’ in the land of the rising sun.

Sstp 1105 01+2011 tokyo auto salon trend check+logo Photo 2/31   |   2011 Tokyo Auto Salon - Trend Check

Eco Friendly Tuning
Over the last few years the Japanese have not only embraced lowering emissions and increasing MPGs, but have also taken to tuning vehicles to increase performance and efficiency.

Sstp 1105 02+2011 tokyo auto salon trend check+toyota sports ev Photo 3/31   |   Toyota Sports EV-Twin Concept Designed by a team of students at Toyota Technical College in Tokyo, the Sports EV-Twin concept is based off the Toyota Sports 800 but has had the gasoline engine removed in favor of two electric motors. In order to keep up with the theme of a true sports two-seater a manual gear box has been used the and car boasts a top speed of roughly 100mph.

Wild Colors
Standing out from the crowd is nearly a requirement in the Japanese tuning cluture.

Sstp 1105 09+2011 tokyo auto salon trend check+rainbow cover Photo 11/31   |   Top Secret rainbow parts
Everyone loves a ti-dized or neochrome rainbow look on their parts and Top Secret is delivering with a range of parts from exhausts to dress up bits to satisfy your color

Competition Wheels
Every year the Japanese continue to refine their already world-class-technologies and somehow find ways to make a wheel a little lighter, a little stronger or just look more badass.

Carbon Fiber
One of the most abundant elements in the known universe is also one of the most abundant elements in vehicle tuning.

Old School
Tuners are still finding new and better ways of modifying Japanese classics. With a recent increase in interest on both sides of the Pacific there were some interesting goodies waiting for historic fans.

Multi-piston Brake Upgrades
The lust for a big brake kit is hard to resist and the Japanese aren’t showing any signs of slowing production of new kits with more pistons than you can shake a stick at.

Sstp 1105 21+2011 tokyo auto salon trend check+m7 japan Photo 22/31   |   M7 Japan 6 pot Available for a number of applications, newcomer M7 has developed a very solid product.

Other Cool Stuff

By Sean Klingelhoefer
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