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Scene: Import Alliance Summer Meet; Nashville, TN - Event

10,500 Strong! (And Growing...)

Joey Lee
Nov 9, 2011

When it comes to import automotive events, the largest has to be the annual Import Alliance Summer Meet. This year was probably the biggest yet, hosting approximately 10,500 attendees with cars that were parked in every free space available inside the Nashville Super Speedway. Spectators from all over the nation make the trek out to Nashville to attend this two-day event and it has grown far beyond any simple car “meet”. With all the partying that goes on during the weekend, the IA summer event has turned into a full-blown social extravaganza.

Sstp 1111 01+import alliance summer meet nashville tn+vw truck Photo 2/11   |   This old school VW Truck was definitely one of the most interesting builds we found all weekend. K-swap, Work CR-01s… the hotness.

The Nashville event brought out the best builds that the East and Midwest has to offer and it’s amazing to see just the sheer number of cars that are present. Enthusiasts come out and wait in line as early as 4:30 a.m. just to make sure they get a decent parking spot and no amount of summer heat or humidity is enough to prevent people from sweating it out in their builds that often times no longer have air conditioning. (Remind anyone of the Super Street Tour? – JW) CCWs looked to be the wheel of choice this year with many builds rocking the most-popular designs. Two-toned engine bays are still all the rage out on the right coast in addition to the ever-popular shaved/tucked bays. The “stance” movement was going full-force at the Nashville Super Speedway with any and every car you can imagine rocking aggressively-sized wheels that often poked-out past warped fenders.

There were some surprises at the IA event that weren’t expected; a JDM CM2 Accord Wagon rolled out from New Jersey, an old school Volkswagen truck with a K-series swap on Work CR-01 wheels was on display, and brief moments of overcast skies with a nice cool breeze greeted the sun-burnt and sweaty crowd. If you ever decide to make the trip out to Nashville, be sure to drink some Sweet Tea and attend the Import Alliance Summer meet. Now in its fifth-consecutive year, it’s a social experience that any and every import automotive enthusiast should see at least once in their lifetime.

By Joey Lee
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