US meet Japan, Japan meet US—or, is it a US meet in Japan? All of the above. The first-ever HellaFlush Japan event held at Fuji Speedway was an international celebration of stance and all that is good about the aftermarket tuning scene. Mark Arcenal and the guys from Fatlace did an amazing job of rounding up what was without a doubt, a previously unseen mixed selection of cars. From chassis-scraping VIP saloons with demon camber, to aggressively-stanced Hondas and Nissans drift cars, not to mention a big group of Euros, pimped mini-vans, vintage rides and Kei cars. Mark was impressed at the dedication the Japanese have, not only to respect and follow a US-based style but somehow evolve it and give it an unmistakable Japanese twist with plenty of extreme examples on show. Wheel manufacturers like Enkei, Work and RAYS Engineering all came out to support the event and bring their most popular models of wheels, some custom-painted in shocking colors to appeal more to this particular scene. Attention to detail is what makes these cars stand out and we were blown away by what we saw. No matter what style you are into, doing it well and with plenty of style is what this HellaFlush thing is all about.